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3 Protein Sources You Must Add to Your Diet Today

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Author: Beth Reid

When it comes to eating healthy and getting in shape protein is known to be very important. Protein is the building block of muscle and bodybuilders have been singing its praises for years. Even if you are not looking to add on slabs of muscle and be the next ahh-nald you should definitely be adding in some quality proteins to your diet. It can work wonders for your overall health. One thing people do not understand though is the need to make sure these are quality proteins.

One of the best proteins to add in to your meals is wild salmon. One of the keys here is the wild in wild salmon. Sometimes when eating a fish portion that you pick up at your local supermarket you have no real idea where it came from and what it contains. Some of the fish comes from a fish farm and as such it can be diseased and unhealthy. Of course this is not always the case but if you want the best you should always go with wild caught fish. With salmon you are also getting a bonus. It is an oily fish so it is packed with good fats. These good fats are essential to a healthy fat burning diet. Again the wild salmon generally has more of these good omega 3 fats due to the fact that farmed salmon are sometimes fed cheap feed and are generally not as healthy.

Eggs have gotten a bad rap when it comes to buring fat and eating healthy. But these things are some of the best sources of protein to add to your diet. They are packed with vitamins that actually help to burn fat. Vitamin B12 is on the top of the list of vitamins on eggs. Of course the yolk does contain cholesterol and you have to be very careful to keep this in moderation. I am a believer in eating the whole egg yolk and all I just feel that you have to be sensible about it. Of course you cannot expect to have a six egg omelet and call it a day. You have to limit your intake to a couple of eggs a day. As long as you do this then you should definitely add this protein source to your diet. The effects (not to mention the taste) are wonderful.

Last but not least almonds can be a great source of protein for your diet. Again though like with other quality sources of natural protein the almond comes with an added benefit and added caution. Almonds are also high in good fats. These fats are good for you and definitely need to be utilized in your program. You just have to make sure you watch overall calorie intake. It does not take many almonds to tip you over the limit on total calories. Be mindful of this and these are a great source of quality protein with the added benefit of good fats. Add these in and you can not go wrong. author Beth Reid gives honest reviews of the top diet and fitness programs to burn fat and lose weight. Visit where she shares the whole story on the top diet and fitness programs that get proven results.


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