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3 Reasons Why Being Overweight is Not Your Fault

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Author: Christopher Fox

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am always the one that says you have to take personal responsibility for where you are in life. I definitely think this applies to you if you are overweight. I have always said that barring a serious medical condition then it is your fault if you are fat. Lately my eyes have been opened to a new side to this story. I am starting to see ways in which it is not your fault if you are overweight.

The first reason is the convenience factor. It almost seems like someone is out to get you these days and force you to be fat. I notice that unhealthy food is very convenient to make and eat. Just look at fast food. The entire industry of generally unhealthy food is built around convenience. And the healthier an establishment is then the less convenient it seems to be. Most of the healthier choices do not have a drive through. I understand that this is because they make the food to order instead of having it sitting one size fits all under a red light warmer. But it is still one of those things that stack the odds against you.

The second reason is the cost. Fast food is also a great example in this scenario as well. It seems that the more unhealthy food is for you the less it costs. The quality ingredients cost more to produce and as a result the quality healthy food costs more to the end consumer. This is another tough one to get around. Taco Bell can crank out that cheese sauce and the menu just gets cheaper and cheaper.

The third thing is the misinformation or at least misleading information that you sometimes see on some labels. For example granola bars. It is sometimes implied that granola bards are healthy for you. In some scenarios with natural granola and controlled portions this may be true but all too often the granola you get is in the form of a bar that is loaded to the gills with sugar. The bar you might feel good about eating is sometimes no better than a straight up candy bar.

Another area of misinformation is the idea that all carbohydrates are bad. The Atkins diet fad started this and while it is true that a lot of carbs (even good ones) can cause you to gain weight it is silly to thing whole grains are bad. They are actually one of the best sources of fuel for you that you can find. You just have to keep them in moderation like any other nutrient. Anything to excess can make you fat. Even protein in high amounts can cause you to gain weight. Do not blame carbohydrates alone.

I am still a big advocate of personal responsibility. After all it is your responsibility to learn about these lies in the first place and take action. So now that you know there are these misleading and challenging pitfalls out there just waiting to sabotage your weight loss… what are you going to do about it?

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