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3 Things People Forget Ordering Healthy Food

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Author: Jill Hudson

When it comes to eating out and staying on a diet there are some pitfalls for which you need to be on the lookout. It is all too easy to get out with friends for lunch and forget just a few things and then completely blow all of your hard work in the gym the previous afternoon. Keeping an eye on these traps can make the difference in having great success with fat loss and just getting frustrated and giving up.

Ordering out and trying to remain healthy is inevitable. So one thing to be sure and do is to get prepared. Researching the normal places you might be eating out is a great tip a lot of people often completely forget or do not think of in the first place. One of the most common times of having to eat out when you are on a diet is a coworker lunch. A lot of times even if you take your lunch to work you just might be having a particularly stressful day and need to get away with a friend to get out of the office for awhile. If you have not done your homework this alone can completely knock you off track .This can also carry with it the danger of making your already stressful day that much more stressful. No one wants the guilt associated with falling off track to go on top of a challenging day. So make sure and consciously pay attention to the area around your job beforehand. What restaurants are around and what healthy choices do they offer? Are any of the restaurants completely free of healthy choices? If so you will want to avoid those entirely. Do your homework on this one and you will not have to worry about it when the time comes.

Another trap that people do not think about or overlook is the fact that you can customize your food when eating out. All too often you might look at them menu and just give in to a not so healthy choice just for the simple fact that it does not cross your mind to ask if they can change something for you. Keep in mind that you are the paying customer and any restaurant worth eating at will be happy to adjust something for you. Dressing on the side or substituting grilled vegetables for mashed potatoes is actually a common request these days. Just tell the server what you want and you might be surprised at how easy it is to get the food the way you want it.

Finally just remember to control your portion size. A lot of times it is easy to completely blow your diet just by eating everything you are served at a restaurant. It is no secret that the portion sizes at pretty much all restaurants these days are way over what is considered healthy. Just asking for half of your meal to go can save you from completely getting off track with your fitness. Keeping these things in mind will save you from having to give up eating out completely. After all what is the point of being healthy if you cannot enjoy life? author Jill Hudson gives honest reviews of the top diet and fitness programs. Visit where she shares the whole story on the top diet and fitness programs that get proven results.


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