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3 Ways to Workout Without a Gym Membership

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Author: Christopher Fox

The idea of a one stop gym membership is appealing for many. One place you can go and get in any kind of workout. You can get an aerobics class one day and lift some weights the next day. The idea itself is appealing but the reality is all too often something different entirely. Gym memberships come with a whole host of problems. For one there is the monthly fee. All too often you get locked into a monthly contract for an extended period of time and sometimes life changes can take place that prevent you from even using the thing. Time to go to the gym has to be factored in as well. I am not referring to time to workout. I am referring to the fact that you have to actually drive there and back. You also have to factor in the time to put on certain clothes to workout in as well. I might get away with working out in my underwear at home but I have a feeling that would not last long at a gym. And let's not forget the reality of a gym at rush hour after work. Good luck getting on any of those machines you were dreaming about when you signed up for your membership.

As you can see a gym membership is not all it is cracked up to be at times. In these cases working out without a gym can be very appealing. Working out at home has many benefits. A lot of the gym downfalls do not come into play when you work out at home. Working out at home though does need some prep work. There are several ways to get in a good workout without having to hop into your car for a trip to the gym.

The first way is to just do a cardio calisthenics based workout at home. This is the easiest way to get started. There is actually a whole list of exercises that you can do without any specialized equipment. Starting off with the old exercises you used to do in gym class at school is one way to get started on workout program post haste. These kinds of workouts are great because there really is no excuse to skip workout with one of these. No more crying that you do not have a gym membership or special equipment. Time to get down on the floor and get to work!

In addition to basic exercise you can also buy some workout equipment to use at home. The best kind of equipment to buy in just the basic simple stuff. No need to get fancy. A simple exercise bike or treadmill is all you really need for cardio. A nice bench with a few dumbbells can add in a whole range of resistance training options. Again keeping it simple can help you to avoid those excuses. No more whining that your super flexor 5000 is not working correctly.

Finally it is nice to just get something like a bicycle to get outside and get in a nice workout while having some fun. A lot of people overlook this option because it is not quite a glamorous as the DVDs being hawked on the late night television. But the fact of the matter is that going for a nice bike ride is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body and mind, as long as you stick to a paved bike path or an off-road trail. Getting on the streets with a bicycle and battling cars is not exactly the best thing for some people. author Christopher Fox offers honest reviews of the top diet and fitness programs. Visit for the whole story on the top diet and fitness programs that get proven results.


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