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4 Foods That Speed Up Your Metabolism and Burn Fat

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Author: Christopher Fox

When it comes to burning fat it seems like everyone has a great pill that can make you melt away the fat. What a lot of these people do not want to tell you is that there are actually a whole host of foods that burn fat. You can pick these up at your local grocery store and add them to your diet today. Here are four of the top fat burning foods.

The first is grapefruits. A lot of people have heard of the grapefruit diet and assumed that it was just because fruits in general are healthy for you. While that is true the grapefruit is a little bit special. All citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C and that is essential for burning fat. Fruit also has pectin which can break down fat and force it from the body. But grapefruits also are high in galacturonic acid. Galacturonic acid is a little known secret ingredient in the grapefruit that has been shown to be a natural fat destroyer. Adding grapefruit can work wonders for your fat burning ability.

Another addition to a fat burning diet that is essential but often overlooked is water. That is right just plain old water. It is thought that a large amount of water per day is essential for good health and fat burning in general. One of the best side effects to this in my opinion is just the extra full feeling you get from drinking water. Drinking water can help you to not really crave those in between meal snacks that can usually knock you far off from your goals.

Olive oil is another essential grocery store item that should be on your list for its health benefits. I first started paying close attention to olive oil when I read a news story about a woman in the Middle East that lived to be the oldest woman in human existence. I forget her exact age but it was something crazy like 123 years old. One of the things she said she does every day is to drink a full glass of olive oil. While this is popular in that region it just goes to show that the studies claiming huge health benefits from olive oil are correct. The next time someone tells you that fat is bad for you remember this woman. Olive oil is basically a good fat and she drinks a full glass of it every day.

Healthy snacks such as a natural beef jerky are essential to keeping yourself away from bad snacks like processed foods and candy. If you go the beef jerky route just make sure you pick a healthy natural version without a lot of processing and added chemicals. It is easy to steer in the wrong direction and load up on sodium if you are not careful.

Foods that burn fat are not as hard to find as the pill pushers would like you to believe. The next time you are at the grocery store make sure to stock up on some of these healthy fat fighters and laugh at those infomercials the next time they come on the television. author Christopher Fox offers honest reviews of the top diet and fitness programs. Visit for the whole story on the top diet and fitness programs that get proven results.


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