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Author: Helen Moss

The causes of hemorrhiods developing are a major talking point between hemorrhoid sufferers. This article explores some of the reasons for hemorrhoids developing.

Hemorrhoids are one of those problems that are very common but that are not talked about very often. After all, how many people are you aware of that actually enjoy talking about problems with their anus? There are lots of people that are comfortable to talk about problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, but you would be hard pressed to find the same number that are comfortable talking about hemorrhoids.

Potential Causes of Hemorrhoids

There are thought to be many reasons why individuals get hemorrhoids; however, at the moment it is believed that there is not a definitive single cause that will lead an individual to get hemorrhoids. What there is evidence of are factors and lifestyles that make it likelier or make you more prone to getting hemorrhoids. The more of these factors that come into play in someone's life then potentially the more likely they are to be susceptible to hemorrhoids.

1. Poor diet: Some people have the belief that third world or developing countries do not suffer from hemorrhoids as much, or in the same way, because they do not have the diet of processed foods that the western world has. Processed foods that are loaded with all sorts of preservatives and additives, have been know to cause problems with the gut and with constipation and diarrhea, these issues can and do, sometimes lead to hemorrhoids. Because of a poor diet, many in the western world also suffer from vitamin deficiencies, some of these vitamins that are missing are essential to help the body heal quickly and a slow healing body can add to the likelihood of hemorrhoids forming. The last thing to keep in mind is that a diet that is low in fiber can lead to problems such as constipation that, as mentioned earlier, can lead to someone being more prone to getting hemorrhoids.

2. Heavy lifting or Straining while having a bowel movement: You should be very careful while lifting heavy objects as this can be a major contributing factor to you getting hemorrhoids. Straining while you are going to the toilet is also another well known contributor to someone getting hemorrhoids.

3. Genetics: Some experts believe that the role of genetics in determining whether someone will suffer from hemorrhoids, is hugely underrated. Studies have show that a significant number of hemorrhoid sufferers, also have family members who suffer from the condition. However, this belief is also being challenged by some who believe it is not the genetics that is the main factor but the lifestyle and environment that are similar within the family unit that makes other family members more likely to have hemorrhoids, for example: If the person who does the cooking in a family suffers from hemorrhoids and they make mainly processed meals for the family and they live an inactive lifestyle, then it is probably likely that the family will suffer from hemorrhoids.

4. Pregnancy/childbirth: There have been studies that prove that pregnant women are more prone to problems with hemorrhoids than women that are not pregnant. Perhaps the main reason for this is thought to be that the uterus receives added pressure during pregnancy. This is caused by the growing fetus and this adds additional pressure to the anorectal area which can lead to hemorrhoids. When you add the strain of physically giving birth, into the mix, then it isn't to hard to understand why getting hemorrhoids during pregnancy is so common.

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