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4 Ways to Cut Fat Without Losing Taste

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Author: Jill Hudson

Cutting fat and calories out of your diet is essential to losing weight. Unfortunately all too often that means cutting out taste too. That is the reason why most people like to give up early when trying to lose weight and burn fat. A few tips to help add back in the taste can go a long way towards keeping you on track and losing weight and sometimes that is all it takes to make the difference between a healthy lifestyle change and just plain old frustration.

One secret way to cut fat from canned foods is to keep them in the refrigerator. Now just keeping them in the refrigerator will not magically make them have less fat but it will allow you to control the fat content. When the food inside the cans cools it will cause the fat in the food to congeal and gather at the top. When you are ready to use the canned food you can justr remove some of the fat from the top after opening it. If you only remove a portion you will be cutting the fat content but most of the flavor will remain.

Another way to cut out sugary calories that cause fat is to cut your fruit juices. What this means is to take your fruit juice and pour a portion of it out and replace it with filtered water. This will remove some of the sugary calories and still allow you to keep the taste. Yo would be surprised at how many calories you consume by drinking full strength juice. Also doing this will allow you to drink juice after a hard workout without too much of a gastrointestinal effect when you really need a lot of water to replenish your muscles.

When craving pizza you can add in a substitute for the processed crust to make it a lot healthier. Everyone knows processed dough that makes up a pizza crust is not healthy for you but a lot do not know that a portobello mushroom can make a great alternative. Go to your local health food grocer and get the largest portobello mushrooms you can find. They should be the perfect size for a personal pizza. Just take a knife and cut out the flaps that are on the underside and bake it for a few minutes to dry it slightly. Then you can add your favorite pizza toppings and stick it under the broiler for a healthy pizza.

A sandwich makes the perfect in a hurry and on the go food but regular sandwich bread is not part of any fat burning diet. It is way too processed and loaded with simple carbs. A great alternative that actually can taste better is to use a large lettuce or cabbage leaf as a bread substitute. This is common in Chinese restaurants as a lettuce wrap but it is not as common to be used for regular sandwiches. It actually tastes great and I personally prefer it in most cases over regular bread.

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