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5 Best Exercises For Fitness

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Author: Darren O'Connell

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 Everyone wants a quick fix. They just want a list of exercises that will take little time and little effort but produce great results. However, as we all know, there are no quick fixes, no list that can be provided to produce maximum results in minimum time. There is a list, however, which can give you maximum results when incorporated into an exercising program.

1) Aerobic exercise. Including a cardio workout into your daily routine will help you achieve the body you want. If you don’t have a block of time to dedicate to a solid workout, do not fret! Experts say that breaking a workout into segments is just as effective as a solid chunk of time. If you can find time to incorporate three ten minute cardio sessions throughout your day, then you have your aerobic exercise for the day.

2) Squats and lunges. In school, we all hated the thought of doing squats and lunges, but these exercises are some of the greatest movements to sculpt your legs, gluts and help steady your core. A great exercise is to get on a treadmill, with a slight incline, and lunge. You can also do long lunges on a stair stepper machine as well. The deeper the squat and lunge you do means you are engaging the muscles more and you will see a greater result.

3) Pushup. Don’t roll your eyes. The pushup is the best way to sculpt your shoulders, arms and back. And we’re not expecting you to do one arm pushups. There are several variations on the pushup. You can do wall pushups, knee pushups, and elevated pushups, depending on your strength. As you get stronger, introduce different variations for better results.

4) Jackknifes. This is a great exercise to promote a stronger core center. Allowing your legs to hang and then pulling them up increases the muscle in your abdomen and back. This can lead to better posture. Variations are available on this one as well, if you don’t have the equipment to hang from.

5)Jumping rope. So it’s a kid’s game, but it is one of the most effective ways to burn calories, build muscles and get the aerobic exercise your body needs. You can do variations on jumping rope too, including incorporating a mini trampoline if you need help.

Just getting mobile is a great way to start your exercising program. Do not forget to stretch prior to exercising. This will keep you flexible, keep your muscles from getting sore and keep you from injury down the road.

While there are many great exercise programs out there, not all of them are best for your body. Discuss your exercise program with a physician prior to beginning, as they can help you design a program that fits your particular needs. If possible, you can hire a trainer to help target the areas you want to fix, instead of attempting the exercises yourself. And drink plenty of water while you are exercising! You will get thirsty.

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