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5 Fat Loss Diet Mistakes

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Author: Darren O'Connell

There are always tiny mistakes we make when it comes to eating and dieting is no different. However, these five diet mistakes are reversible and unlikely to sabotage your diet completely if you catch them early.

1. The first mistake dieters make is drinking alcohol. While alcohol may not have any fat, it has empty calories, which can ruin your caloric intake. Also, depending on the type of alcohol you consume, you could be adding more sugar to your system than necessary. Extra sugar means a blood sugar level spike, which can make you hungry. Extra sugar also means that it will be converted to fat and stored within the body, exactly opposite of what you are attempting to do. If you have to have alcohol, limit how many you have and then go for a walk to burn the excess caloric intake. Instead try to have herbal tea or water at mealtime, rather than a beer or glass of wine. If you must have alcohol, chose a beverage like wine that has more health benefits.

2. The second mistake is skipping breakfast. Skipping breakfast slows your metabolism, so when you do finally eat, your metabolism is so slow that it ends up storing the food in fat cells, rather than consuming them. Fasting forces the body into survival mode, so it stores whatever it receives. Try eating a smaller portion of oatmeal, or something high in fiber. Just don't skip breakfast at all. You'll start the day off on the wrong foot.

3. When eating low or non-fat foods, that label does not give you the liberty to eat as much as you possibly can. In fact, eating too many low fat foods can cause you to gain weight, because of the excessive caloric intake. People often confuse low fat and non-fat foods as safe to eat in mass quantities, which is not the case. They still have calories, which will cause weight gain. Instead try munching on some vegetables or fruit. They are healthier for you anyway.

4. Enlarging your meals at fast food restaurants is a diets worst friend. Not only is it a larger portion, but also there are more calories and fat within larger sizes. Tendencies with larger portions are to eat more before you realize how much you have consumed. If you have to eat at a fast food restaurant, try splitting the food with someone, so you limit you fat and caloric intake.

5. The last mistake people make is denial that there is a problem at all. Ignoring your health and body will not make it go away or get better. Be realistic with yourself. If your doctors consider you overweight, chances are good that you are and if you respect yourself and your health, you should take measures to reverse it. You don't always have to listen to the scale, you can rely on measurements as a gauge for weight loss, but ignoring your body and health is the worst mistake you can make.

Make sure to correct at least 3 of these fat loss diet mistakes and your body would thank you by losing fat and giving you the look you always aspired for. In addition, use a mix of aerobic exercise and strength training to lose that stomach fat faster than you could have imagined possible.

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