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5 Smart Snacks For Losing Weight

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Author: Jill Hudson

When you think of snacks you do not think of losing weight. Actually you think of the opposite. Snacking is usually associated with gaining weight or falling off of a diet. Generally snacking refers to eating sugary junk and processed foods in between meals and that kind of activity can absolutely ruin a diet. The surprising truth is that there are a lot of snacks that are actually very healthy and having some snacks in moderation can actually help you to lose weight. Eating some snacks throughout the day can help to keep your metabolism high and keep you burning calories in an efficient manner and in turn burn off that fat.

One of the healthiest snacks to eat is air popped popcorn. Normally when you think of popcorn you think of the high butter content and salty popcorn you get at a movie theater. Or you might think of microwave popcorn which can have a lot of butter and chemicals on its own. Air popped popcorn is different because it is popped using nothing but hot air. No coconut oils or butter is added so it is completely natural and healthy. This can be a great addition to a diet for losing weight.

Hard boiled eggs can also be used as a healthy snack. The protein content is great for you and can add to your overall protein intake when adding lean mass or getting a toned shape when exercising. The fact that they are boiled means you do not have to worry about them being cooked in butter with a bunch of added calories. Just be careful because egg yolks do contain cholesterol.

If you have a sweet tooth then sugar free Jell-O may be the ticket for you. This can add in a nice treat without completely blowing your diet. Just make sure you get the sugar free kind because regular Jell-O can be loaded with sugar.

Healthy nuts like walnuts and almonds are another way to get in a snack without resorting to candy and junk. Healthy nuts taste great and have some of the good fats in the form on natural oils that can be great for your heart health. Just be sure you watch your overall calorie intake with these because the oils tend to make them very calorie dense. A little goes a long way.

Finally a good fruit like orange slices, apples or a banana can be a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth with a natural sugar and not get off track with your weight loss. Orange slices straight out of a cold refrigerator can be a great way to cool off in the summer and are packed with Vitamin C.

When used as part of an overall healthy diet and calorie intake plan, healthy snacks can be an essential part of a good weight loss diet. Combined with a good exercise plan you cannot go wrong. Be sure to incorporate some of these ideas into your routine and you will see better results in a shorter amount of time.

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