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5 Weight Training Tips to Follow Before Your First Gym Workout

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Author: Marek Gorny

Lets face it, most people do not know how to weight train. That is why the streets are not filled with lean and muscular bodies. You must understand these 5 weight training tips first, before you go to your first gym workout.

1.You need to write down your short term and long term goals.
2.Commit to a program for a minimum of 3 months.
3.Research before you train.
4.Have a qualified trainer show you the correct technique.
5.Expect a slow but steady development.

Tip #1: Set Your Goals

Rationally, how can you expect to get to your big goal (say, of gaining 20 pounds of muscle by the summer)? With medium goals. And to those, with smaller goals. Does writing down the small goals under the medium goals help? The small goals make the big goal realistic. "I will gain 1 pound of muscle per week" - medium goal. "My little goal for today is to follow my workout routine and diet". You are at the starting point now, and you will get to where you want to be (your big goal) by following the steps (your little goals). Its a plan.

Tip #2: Commit to your program

You must be committed to your goal, because if you are not, you will fail. You need to do your research and chose a program that is consistent with your goals and needs. Make sure that you understand everything in your program before your start date. If you're not sure how to interpret something, contact the author of the program. You should NOT have any doubt on how to perform each exercise properly. When you have chosen your program, stick with it for the duration. Do not say "I'm not sure if it's working..." after a few weeks and then hop on to some other program. Doing so will give you a failing attitude, because you would not be sticking to your plan.

Tip #3: Research

Could you really train yourself to transform your body? Do you know enough about proper nutrition and correct exercise technique to come up with a program for yourself to follow for the next 3 months, that will guarantee you the results that you seek? If not, then you most likely do not know enough about how your body works from a training, nutrition, and recovery perspective. You need to do your research, based on which you'll setup your next 12 weeks. Order a book or visit a reputable website (like, so that you can prepare yourself with all that you need to know for your training. This preparation will lead you to achieve your goal, so that you do not wind up playing the guessing game.

Tip #4: Do It Right

Would you try to fix your own car? Or maybe drill your own teeth? Assuming that you have no expertise in dentistry or car repairs, you wouldn't. Then why would you attempt to try and teach yourself a proper training technique? It is amazing how many people join gyms every day, but then risk the health of their tendons, ligaments and joints. They enter the gyms hoping that they can figure out the machines on their own or by watching others. Or perhaps they will ask their friends for an opinion on how they think they should do something. The safest and most effective way is to hire a reputable trainer, one who can teach you the correct training technique.

Tip #5: Develop, but slowly

Remember, you are body BUILDING. Building as in brick by brick. You will not be showing your new muscles by the next weekend. For now, you live from one week to the next. You raise your bench press 2.5 pounds every week. You do an extra rep, an extra set, or maybe do a shorter rest period. Your little goal for each training day is to outdo yourself workout-to-workout, week-to-week. Then imagine the serious strength gains in raising your bench press 2.5 pounds weekly for 12 weeks. That is how you will measure progress of your training.


When you decide to transform your body, make a plan and follow it. Look forward to a rewarding and productive quest at the gym by following the 5 weight training tips.

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