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6 Things A Norwegian Fable Teaches Us About Healthy Perseverance Part 2

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Author: Robin Kegler

In recent years there has been a lot more information available on fitness nutrition and this has helped many more people improve their levels of health considerably.As more people become aware of fitness nutrition they can see substantial gains in muscle tone and strength, and the reduction of fat levels by applying the information that is freely available on fitness nutrition throughout the many different health publications.

With the high incidence of diabetes in the country due to poor fitness, nutrition and eating habits more people are aware of the high cost that is being paid for the reduced quality of life that an imbalance in fitness nutrition and food consumption causes.

The authorities are trying to bring a greater awareness for fitness nutrition in the hope that people will take on board this advice and improve their levels of health and in doing so reduce the burden on society. Most gyms now offer advice on fitness nutrition as part of the membership as this can help you improve your levels of fitness quite considerably.

 4. Ideas, goals and dreams have a shelf life. The man in the fable took years traveling the different roads, forgetting that his fiancée was waiting for him to arrive to get married. After years passed, she stopped waiting and ended up marrying another. Author, John L. Mason said, "Ideas have a shelf life; that's why we must act before the expiration date." Getting started on any new project is exciting because it's new. Persevering through the months ahead require holding on to the why of doing it and involving all of your senses to envision the victory now. Imagine how you will feel one year from now when you return for your annual physical and the receptionist does a double take when you sign in at the desk. Hear the accolades from your primary physician as he reviews your chart and compliments you on the progress you've made. Do you carry your head a little higher? Do you stand a little taller? Of course you do! "To everything there is a time and season under the sun." Seize your time today. Know what you want and stay focused on it.

5. The achievement of your goal affects other people. The man in the fable did not consider the feelings or the impact his delay would have on his fiancée. Because he did not take her dreams and desire for their relationship into account while on his journey, he missed the opportunity to receive the joy of seeing her smiling face after hours and days of anticipation of the life they had planned together. Your success will affect those in your sphere of influence. People are watching you. More importantly, people want you to succeed. You become their example of what is possible and their encouragement to take similar steps too! Know what you want and stay focused on it.

6. The results of your efforts will produce joy or disappointment. The man in the fable realized how much he lost by not persevering to attain his goal. It left him alone, poor and friendless. What joy are you delaying by not persevering with your goal? What dream are you deferring by taking another route? Count the cost. Is the price worth surrendering what you carry in your heart? Author, H. Besser, in his book, "Perseverance: How To Develop It" writes, "Those who cannot persevere along one single line that will guide them to one particular goal are all like this man." Know what you want and stay focused on it.

Robin Kegler is your "Unofficial Midwife" and Professional Coach to help you give birth to your life dreams. As a master teacher, trainer and speaker, Robin shows you how to create a prosperous, meaningful life and business using the one idea you've always carried in your heart to realize your life dreams and impact 'your world'. To receive 10 perseverance tips on CD fr^ee and the book, Perseverance: How To Develop It" by H. Besser to achieve the success you want, visit http://www.fanningtheflame.net/besserbonus.htm

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