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8 Ways To Eat Healthier From An Orange County Personal Trainer

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Author: Steve Hochman

Expert after expert all agree that the best way to eat healthy is to make sure that you are eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and protein. As an Orange County Personal Trainer, I agree with the experts. Make sure that you are eating a variety of foods, that you are eating in moderation and that you maintain balance within in your life. Which means that you are not indulging or depriving yourself. Have the piece of cake for dessert on occasion, but don't eat the whole cake.

More and more people are trying to follow the advice of experts to improve their health and the health of their families. Lets face it though, we live in a fast paced society where the demands that are placed on us are increasing and the hours in a day are not. In effort to make sure that we are at least eating we are picking food options that present themselves as being healthy options, or we go out to eat and try to pick healthy foods off the menu.

As you look at your midsection or stand on the scale you may be noticing the numbers going in the opposite direction of where you would like to see them. To help make eating at home and eating out a little easier, here are 8 different ways for you to make healthier eating choices.

Eating at Home

Tip 1: Downsize Serving Dishes

This is what is called playing mind games with yourself. If you use a smaller plate for meals it will help you think that you are not depriving yourself of food. Smaller bowls and plates and larger glasses help you serve and eat less.

Tip 2: Salads

Start lunch and dinner with a salad. Veggies are high in water, which means they help you feel full without packing on calories. Plus it takes you longer to chew veggies, which again plays a little mind game with your self, chewing longer makes your brain think that you have been eating longer, so that you start to feel fuller sooner.

Tip 3: Eat breakfast

Make sure that you are eating breakfast, and you should be eating two eggs each morning to help decrease calorie consumption through out the day. To spice it up so that you dont feel like you are eating the same thing everyday, scramble the eggs with a cup of black beans and salsa.

Tip 4: Make a schedule and stick with it

Whether it is a weekday or weekend make sure that you are eating your meals at the same time each day. When you skip meals or eat later then you are used to you are increasing the likelihood of overeating because you are going to be more hungry by the time you do get to eat.

Eating Out

Tip 5: Soup First

Much like eating the salad at home first, eating soup will help you feel fuller without packing on calories. Make sure that you chose the veggie based soup and not the cream based soup. The fiber that is in the veggies will soak up the broth which will then expand in your stomach.

Tip 6: Delay the Cocktails

While there is nothing like a perfect class of wine to go with a wonderful dinner, especially one that you didnt have to cook. If you wait to order your dinner drink with your meal you will decrease the number of calories you consume. If you need a drink before dinner opt for water, club soda or diet soda before and during meals.

Tip 7: Protein

Take a look at the menu and opt for the leaner proteins such as seafood, lean cuts of beef and chicken. You also want to make sure they are baked or grilled and not fried. Protein has more staying power then any other food you are going to consume.

Tip 8: Have Dessert

Yes, thats right! Have dessert, but instead of everyone at the table ordering their own, share! Let everyone share a dessert and eat only a few bites, not the entire dessert. Really, you only enjoy the first couple of bites anyway.

There you have it, 8 very easy ways for a person to make healthier choices when they are eating at home and when they are out to dinner. You dont have to deprive yourself of the foods you want, just eat them in moderation and dont over indulge.

Steve Hochman is an Orange Conty Personal Trainer, and Ceo of Orange County Personal Training Company. He uses the Unstoppable Fitness Formula to tone Orange County, Ca Residents.


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