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A Healthy Way to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

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Author: Stewart C

As soon as you have delivered your baby, you may think that you are on your way to lose weight. In essence, that is true. You are really bound to lose the extra weight that you have gained while you were pregnant.

However, you need to realize that losing weight does not happen overnight. You can't lose weight just by giving birth as well. To lose weight after pregnancy, you will have to do something.

Bound to lose some weight

Mothers will lose weight after pregnancy as they give birth and as they go about the activities that are needed for proper child rearing.

In giving birth, a mother loses as much as ten pounds or 4.5 kilograms. This weight can be attributed to the weight of the baby, the amniotic fluid, and the placenta. In addition to that, you will also lose some weight as your body eventually tries to shed off all those retained prenatal fluids that you have in your body.

Normally, a mother is bound to lose as little as eight pounds or as much as twenty pounds during the first week after the baby has been delivered. Also, you will lose weight after pregnancy, as your uterus will adjust and contract to its pre-pregnancy state in about four weeks after you give birth. However, you have to keep in mind that the fat that you have stored during pregnancy won't go away automatically. You will need to exert some effort. Eating the right kind of food and engaging in light activities can help your body lose some weight gradually over time.

Normal weight loss

To lose some weight after pregnancy, you have to exercise and eat healthy foods. Instead of eating foods that are high in calories and sugar, you have to eat fruits and vegetables. Add whole gains into your diet as well. Focus on foods that are rich in fiber since these will provide you with important nutrients, but will not contribute much to your calorie intake. You can also try eating skinless poultry, lean meat, fish and beans. These foods are rich in iron, protein, zinc and other B vitamins.

As for the exercises, you should try to incorporate light activities in your day to day living. Include walking in your everyday routine. Also, make it a point to do some household chores, as well as a set of light aerobic exercises. If you can, consider joining a gym so you can immediately lose weight after pregnancy.


Breastfeeding can help you lose some weight after pregnancy. Studies show that mothers who breast feed their babies find it easier to return back to their pre-pregnancy shape than mothers who don't.

In essence, breastfeeding is one of the natural ways to lose weight after pregnancy primarily because it was designed to support you're the child rearing process. Also, you have to note that this motherhood task actually requires you to exert as much as five hundred calories everyday.

However, if you plan to breastfeed, you cannot engage in very strict diets that reduce a lot of calorie intake. Calories are needed to maintain the right quality of milk for your baby. Also, dieting can force the body to release some toxins that can lead to low quality breast milk.

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