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A Secret About Fat Loss - I Never Knew!

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Author: Georgina Robson

I thought I'd write an article explaining the real reason why we're fat or a theory really on what stops us losing weight!

Ask yourself...

Could it be the harmful Plaque that lives inside our Guts? Or is it the harmful Parasites that cause the fat that we can't shift?

Apparently- Everybody has these parasites and plaque living and breeding inside them, and if we keep living with these beasties inside of us, we will never be able to lose weight and fight the fat!

The parasites and plaque stop fat loss due to attaching themselves to us, if left to live and breed inside our stomach, small and large intestines and colon, they will eventually cause us to puff up, gain lots of weight, get sick more often, and take many, many years off our lives! Parasites can even become "mineralized" and block our body's ability to absorb nutrition properly! It's almost like they wait there with a bat hitting home runs with nutritional food! Needless to say they must be removed somehow.

In particular a Doctor, by the name Dr Suzanne, claims to have techniques which help flush them down the toilet for good to help maintain fat loss and make us healthier. Who doesn't want to feel all cleansed and clean inside? And the thought of having nasty parasites living inside me doesn't make me feel good at all! It even makes me a little angry that if this is true all the fat loss programs I've done in the past have been wasted just because of these little critters.

They are so many diets on the market and information on the do's and don'ts of fat loss that this discovery about plaque and parasites stopping fat loss could actually be true!

The difference here is she has had fat loss issues of her own and researched into the best way to lose weight and stay healthy. Japan refuses to import any dairy or meat products from America due to the parasites and plaque they may contain from chemicals being added. (Thinking about it though, not many Japanese people I know are overweight, but Americans do have that stereotype).

A valid point Dr Suzanne makes is that the sicker we are the more money the health industry makes and when we can't fight the fat and our health suffers, someone will always profit. This will never be us as sufferers, but if the people in the health industry are getting more money for us being sick surely they would keep it a secret.

Fat loss is easy once your system is all cleaned out and the plaque and parasites are gone, once your digestive system starts working properly again, the fat is supposed to just disappear, not to mention how healthy you will feel and how much more energy you will have from eating properly and not have these little beasties working against everything you are doing to better yourself from within.

For a review on how well the fat loss program works or doesn't work go to http://www.fatloss-newstart.blogspot.com


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