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A Simple System to ... Achieve Your Goals

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Author: Phillip Skinner

A Simple System to...
Achieve Your Goals


There's nothing to buy here.


Just something free to help you to get whatever you want out of life. I know... There are a lot of resources out there that can help you achieve your goals. Books and courses abound on positive thinking, discipline, time anagement, web marketing, investing, communication, NLP, relationship building, etc etc, ad infinitum. Many of them provide valuable techniques for getting where you want to be. The problem: Very few of them help you to figure out what the exact steps are, or what order you need to put them in to get there quickly.


That's what this book will do for you.

It's very short (less than 30 pages) and comes with printable worksheets you can use to make the process of building your "Goal Map" just about automatic. There's no charge for the book and you don't have to subscribe to anything to get it. Just download it.


You can give it away, use it as a bonus with a product or to get people to subscribe to your newsletter... whatever you want. Just don't change it and don't charge for it.

If you use it and it works for you, buy me a beer.

The book and worksheets are in PDF format, so they should work on any computer. You will need a recent version of the Acrobat reader to open and read it. You can get it here, for free.


Don't let the simple layout or the fact that the book is free fool you. There's very little you can't achieve if you use this system to create your map, and then just follow the map. Really. It's that simple - and that powerful.

To download the package, just right-click on the link to the file you want and choose "Save Target As" on the menu that pops up. Choose where you want to save the file on your computer, and click "Okay." Note that the full package includes files for printing the worksheets individually, and that you'll need an unzipping utility to open them.


If you're not experienced at downloading, you may just want to click on the links for the main book and the worksheets booklet and print them out directly from your browser. If they don't open, you just need to install the Acrobat reader and try again.


Get The Book

The Goals Book
The Worksheet Booklet

Or download it as one zip file, with the Goals book, worksheet booklet and the individual worksheets as separate files:

The Complete Package
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Please listen to this short video by one of my favorite mentors...Brian Tracy...You will learn the most important thing...  Here is another really good video from Brian Tracy about long term goal thinking and success.


You have to put something in before you get something out...You are going to have the plan to move you...but you have to put something in the PUMP... Zig Ziglar PRIME THE PUMP.....


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