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Ab Lounge Review Exposed!

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Author: Kelly Purdenn

One of the things that would always make our Wish Lists is to lose those flabby love handles that we usually earn out of too much pigging out. And this is also one of the most difficult things to achieve from our wish list. With too much approaches available on the market or over the Internet that offers "say bye-bye to those flabby abs", it makes our lives more complicated. Which is the best one? Which diet could really make me lose weight? What machine will suit me best?

In this article, I'd like to offer you my ten cents worth on one of the best flab buster machine ever invented so far by the human race. The Ab Lounge. This machine from Fitness Quest is a real must have. If you are really determined and decided to turn those love handles to a six pack abs everybody is dying to have, the Ab Lounge is something that you should put in your must, will and should buy list. Your hundred bucks will surely not go to waste and it's going to be worth it for in no time you will have that washboard abs you have been dying to sport all year round.

The Ab Lounge has a quick folding system. Its exceptional design that supports your head, neck and back takes away your worries on excruciating muscle and joint pains that you usually get during working out. It is also capable of providing comfort through its pads. Ab Lounge's durability is as excellent for it can support up to three hundred pounds of weight and not to mention its rolled steel frame. And if your issue is flexibility, its foot bar that can be adjusted for custom fit can settle your worries away.

Okay. You might say that other ab toning machines do offer the same thing. What makes the Ab Lounge any different or special? If the things that I have mentioned still doesn't convince you that this flab buster machine is such a baby, then this might change your mind and put all your hesitations away. Have you heard about the jack knife?

The Jack knife beats all other exercises that are focused on your abdomen area. Yes it has beaten the basic ab crunches that you usually see on TV. Professionals have admitted that the jack knife is now the "gold standard" when it comes to abdominal exercise. And it is not just the work of mouths but this claim is supported by valid and reliable tests. Tests have proven that the jack knife is remarkably more effective than the traditional ab crunch exercise. So what does this jack knife thing got to do with the Ab Lounge?

It happens to be that the Ab Lounge is designed for this. It is perfected in order for you to produce the now "gold standard" of flab busting techniques. With the Ab Lounge you will be enabled to perform several repetitions of the jack knife without the hustle and the pain. The Ab Lounge is made to make your body do the jack knife!

Want to turn your belly into abs plastic? Intense crunches, sit-ups, and ab exercises is NOT the answer! Come learn about the TRUTH to getting six pack abs. Get your FREE limited time e-course on how to get flat, firm, and sexy abs using our proven technique at


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