Growing Old Slowly Tips on Aging
Aging or ageing is a process that accumulates changes in organisms or objects over time. Human aging...

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For teens, young adults, and mature adults who are conscious about their health and the way they loo...

Shoulders & Upper Back Exercises (1 min each arm) and usually operates,
Training Guidelines: For Maximum results, use the Bar 3 times per week, 10-15 minutes each session. ...


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 Natures Natural Movement.


By Understanding Good Play! Natures Natural Movement Practices, Can take you back to the mind set of curiosities and child-like exploration? Example when younger we could crouch down, kneel, roll, do hand stands, climb, jump puddles, so how is it we get into our fifties we suddenly bend instead of crouching down to pick things up from the floor? do we forget or is this simply a BAD Habit?


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