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Abs Plastic Secrets Exposed!

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Author: K. Purden

People that are too lazy to go the gym or are simply not endowed with genes enabling a six-pack or eight-pack abs resort to the easiest way, faking abs. Even celebrities are rumored to have one but the secrets to having abs plastic are out in the open.

Next time you feel conscious about having your belly exposed in a beach party, you need not to run or hide. Learn how after having your abs plastic and fake will revert your self-confidence.

The simplest way to a fake abs requires things that you usually have at home. You need to have a sunblock, a dark mineral power, a shimmery powder, a tan or gold lotion or powder, and a large brush for makeup.

After removing your clothes, get your sunblock and apply some pigment to it by either using a gold/tan lotion or powder. Or you can simply use anything that can create a tone darker than your own. Make sure that you mix the color with the sunblock well. Apply the mixture on the surface of your stomach just below your breasts up to the bikini line and let the mixture dry. This will make your stomach slightly tanned.

A mineral powder darker than your skin tone or a bronzer will also help. By using a makeup brush, you can have your abs plastic or fake. Point the brush to the areas where you want your fake abs. You don't just apply it any direction. The application should be a pattern of a curved line emerging halfway between the belly button and both sides of the stomach.

Apply a crescent shape on the side of your stomach and just below the breasts up to the lower potions of you rib cage. Add another subtle crescent shape on one side of the stomach starting from the spot that levels with an inch above the belly button all the way down to your abdomen. The shimmery power will make your fake abs look natural and unnoticeable too.

Aside from this widely employed technique of faking abs using makeup, others resort to surgical means just to have their six-pack or eight-pack done without the hassle of going to the gym. By doing so, your excess fat and skin will be professionally sculpt by a doctor. But nor everybody is a good candidate for this technique. To qualify, one must have underlying muscles or a certain amount of fat at the tummy to achieve an athletic-type look.

Abdominal etching is not a novel technique. Although was already used a decade ago, it became popular among men recently.

There are other means of having your abs plastic or fake. Celebrities appearing in magazine covers have digital artists to fake their abs for them. Photo manipulation just doesn't work at all. And either having your abs plastic with a makeup can succeed in the long run. It would still be advisable to push your lazy habits away and stat working out.

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