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Acai Berries The Rock Star of the Berry World

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Author: Tim Roberts

By now, you have most likely heard of acai berries. You can hardly look around without seeing something about this little berry on television, the Internet, or in magazines. But do you really know why the acai berry has reached such rock star status? Acai berries are native to the rainforests of Brazil and the Amazon and have been well known there for generations. It was only until recently that acai has been touted all over the world as a major source of anti-oxidants. In fact, acai berries have twice the anti-oxidants of blueberries.

Acai berries are tiny little grape-like fruit that are dark purple in color. The berry does not stay fresh for long, so many sellers will freeze-dry the fruit to maintain its health benefits. Therefore, acai berry must be experienced through other products like acai berry extract. So even though you can't actually eat a fresh acai berry here in the Unites States, you can experience its health benefits through the extract. Acai berries contain many vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and other fatty acid compounds essential to the body. And, there are ample health benefits to this little berry that have been reported.

Acai berries have been reported to assist with flushing out toxins in the body after eating the fruit or ingesting acai berry extract. Once the toxins have been flushed out, the acai works to regulate and make your whole digestive system healthier. Digestive health is paramount to a strong immune system, so while the acai is making your digestive system healthier, it is also strengthening your immune system. Because acai berries are very rich in omega, you will possibly benefit from lower cholesterol as well. In fact, the sustained use of acai berry products is said to reduce the effects of aging. That's a lot for a little berry.

Another great benefit is that there are minimal side effects that have been reported with ingesting acai berries. It is a fruit and not some manmade compound. Your body responds to acai berries in the same way that it would with any other fruit or natural products. There should not be any shock to your system or initial ill effects. With any supplement, you want to see how your body responds. Hopefully, acai berries will help you accomplish your goals whether it is to become healthier, lose weight, or just have more energy.

I highly recommend purchasing a bottle of acai berry extract and to avoid signing up for any free trial offers. Most of these offers are misleading because they make it seem like you only pay for shipping and can test out the benefits of acai without any hassles. The reality is that it is a hassle to cancel these free trials and you may end up paying a hefty monthly charge between $50-$80 if you do not cancel in time. Regardless of where you purchase acai extract, it is best to buy the freeze-dried kind because it is stated that freeze-dried acai maintains the full health benefits of acai as if it were picked straight from the original palms from where it grew.

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