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Acai Berry Supreme Used by Oprah and Brad Pitt For Weight Loss

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Author: Leon Greenhall

What is this amazing acai berry supreme fruit that has celebrities like Oprah and Dr Oz promoting it as a nature super food and antioxidant claims for energy gains and even cancer cures not mention the acai colonic cleanse have many testimonies and scientific support in fact Acai Berry contains ten times the amount of antioxidants in them compared to red grapes.

The acai berry also has the effect of lowering cholesterol levels which in itself, apart from all other benefits, gives health to arterial system of the body and is a true agent in preventing heart attacks and stroke in the person - this alone makes it a most valuable fruit in promoting health.

A more recent claim is the berry can stimulate blood sugar level for the diabetic and also aid in relieving depression - is this too much to claim? I would think there is a need for further testing in this. Another claim which is debated is the acai berry can repair leukaemia cells and again there would need to be far more study to support this as an established benefit

However the main claim is about acai berry for weight loss and sales for the product have gone through the roof over the last few years. The process of acai berry in weight loss is simple and very effect over many other health products. It works in the colon and gathers the dead accumulated waste that can stay in a colon taking it out of the system. It is the powerful fibre qualities that make the acai so effective.
Acai berry also has the effect of an appetite suppressant. Many speak of the reduced desire to eat when on regular intake of the acai berry juice or tablet form. This is the best way to diet - don't eat ! Harry Secombe the famous English Comedian speaks of his "Sea food diet" - "I see food and I eat it." That's how it is for many of us however if you have a suppressant then you can see a lot of food and not want it.

Now if you are disappointed in all the diet formulas for weight loss which work and then don't work you would be disadvantaging yourself if you do not at least investigate and try the acai berry max for yourself . Currently they offer a free trial period with their product. If you have tried everything else then you have nothing to lose in trying just one more method and product especially considering the long testimony list from Oprah to Brad Pitt.

To take Brad Pitts story he needed to get down to 5% body fat for a film where he plays as a personal trainer. His own personal trainer got him on the acai berry for both weight reduction and high energy. .Brad Pitt tells how well it worked getting 20 pounds off his body weight. So Its worth a try - it will probably work for you

Copyright 2009 Leonard Greenhall

Acai berry, acai fruit. The acai berry, natures superfood antioxidant as seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show and Dr Perricone and used by Brad Pitt. visit my site and hear more about rapid no-excerise weight loss.


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