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ACAI: The Good and Bad

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Author: Jerry Rockett

Hi, first let us get all the hype out of the way. You are reading this to satisfy your doubts about ACAI. Right? So why should what I have to say make a difference? You do not know me, nor do you know most of the other people who are hyping this new berry from a palm tree. Before I tell you about ACAI, let me tell you a little about me.

I am a writer—huh!, my name is Jerry W. Rockett. I am published on none medical genre, mostly romantic. I have a book I do hope to publish soon which the title will tell it all, "Run FromYour Doctor." Here is the important part. The book is the result of my findings while doing alternative medicine research. I was shocked when I found out what our traditional medicine is doing to our bodies and felt the public should know. So perhaps that gives me some credibility.

Here is what is claimed for Acai berry products, they are so delicate you are not likely ever to find the fresh berries. So we will deal with capsules and tablets products.

What are the Chief Health Benefits that have made Acai berries famous?

* Boosts energy levels * Improves digestive function
* Improves mental clarity/focus * Promotes sound sleep
* Provides all vital vitamins * Contains several important minerals
(* Is an extremely powerful free radical fighter)
* Acai has very high levels of fibers
* Cleanses and Detoxifies the body* Strengthens your immune system
* Enhances sexual desire and performance * Fights cancerous cells
(* Slows down the aging process)[* Alleviates diabetes]
* Promotes healthier and younger-looking skin
* Enhances visual acuity
[* Helps maintain healthy heart function]* Improves circulation
* Normalizes and regulates cholesterol levels
* Minimizes inflammation [* Prevents artherosclerosis]

That is probably more information than you really wanted. I flagged three suggested benefits that I question, not that Acai does not aid in these cases but I would not take a bushel of berries to do something that something else does far better. If you want help with diabetes take over the counter minerals Selenium, Chromium Picolinate and Vanadium. If you want to alleviate or prevent artherosclerosis, take 3000 mg of vitamin C and add Chia seed meal to your diet. An extremely high content of Omega 3/6 in the right ratio. One of nature's secret super foods. Any color just in case you run into the Canada ads.

You see I also two flagged benefits that really relate to the antioxidant content of Acai. They are important considerations but you will not obtain the highest level available for a cost effective result desired.

Now to the bottom line about Acai. It has two major avenues in which the sellers are hyping the product. Cleansing and detoxification of the body, very important and desirable functions. The second is for weight loss. While Acai does have hunger depressants, it is ranked as 101 of 200 available products for that function. As to the cleansing and detoxification, there is some of that, but not the most effective way of accomplishing what you probably desire. In our modern world of food production, it is almost impossible to eat without eating some toxin material. Material which is intentionally put into your pre-prepared food items from your breakfast foods, all the way to your Gourmet. FDA allows food processors to ad without labeling over 15,000 chemicals to enhance flavor, color, shelf life, looks, taste and you name it, they have a compound just for you. Our body in turn treats each of these, along with the simple carbohydrates, as toxins. That only means our body goes into defense mode, when it should be in digestion and health. The point is, if you want to cleanse and detoxify your body, I do recommend doing that, then get a product specific for that function and do it often.

Okay ladies and gentlemen step right up and let me sell you Acai. Yea, yea, I too have an Acai product to sell. I believe this product offers the best Acai has to offer, but not necessarily all the things listed above, not as a sell promo topic. Please understand the difference. I am not promoting Acai with the hype items above, but my product does do all those things as well.

If you really want to lose weight, if you really want to make a positive change for your future health, let me suggest an eating lifestyle change. I will tell you more in a moment. You are genetically programmed by your DNA to be a certain shape, you cannot change that programming. Would it not be better and easier if you developed eating habits that allowed that form of you to show through rather than you trying to chisel a pound here and a pound there, then go back to your old ways. That is one major reasons diets do not work in the long run. You just cannot sustain them. So instead, why not change your eating lifestyle and bring your family along. The cook of the house should not be a short-order cook, but more the conductor of a gastro-symphony of appetizing food selections.

Pssss! One danger to look out for, the old meat and potato guy. He will hate this new style but tell him to grow up and live. Meat requires acid to digest and potatoes require enzymes, when put into the same digestive grinder that is mass conflict often leading to partly digested foods which may get stuck in the large intestines and putrefy. Tell him you will prove it at the autopsy.

Here are the basics to a eating lifestyle change:

No white food.No vegetable oils or margarineNo fried foods
No boxed foodsNo soft drinks, no carbonatedNo sweetened fruit drinks
No fast foodsNo snacks but raw vegetablesNo red meats
No food after 6PM

Do use olive oil and butter. Do eat six smaller meals per day rather than the traditional three. Never miss eating breakfast. Always wash any fresh vegetable and fruit products, you never know where they came from. Use your local farmer's market if you have one. Drink fresh raw milk, goat is preferred. Eat light portions of the so called white meats, fish, turkey, chicken and pork and if you can get it, rabbit. Nibbling all day on fresh vegetables is a good thing but not raw fruits. Eat fresh fruits at each meal but not in between. Look into pick your own fruit sources, fresher and more nutritious. Get dairy products locally and eat lots of eggs, great for you.

Now here is the surprise. I really do not care where you obtain these next three items even if I do sell one of them. I highly recommend you obtain the Chinese brands of Goji Berries, super high in Beta Carotene and other essential nutrients, a super food. I mentioned this one earlier but I cannot over hype what I feel about the benefits of Chia sead meal. This is a power pack in a tiny seed you can hardly see, but rich in antioxidants, essential minerals, essential vitamins and every thing else you need for good health plus the Omega 3/6 combo mentioned earlier. Then to round out this healthy trio is the Acai. It does contain many of the essential nutrients our bodies need and ads just a twist to how the good compounds are put together, giving our body a great selection of health building nutrients. One other item to round your lifestyle of eating is a better water source. Go to Ebay and purchase a 3 oz. satchel of Prill Beads, Magnesium Oxide pebbles which you use to decontaminate your tap water for all your water based drinking fluid. Read their write up, if you like what they say, buy otherwise drink spring water.

Published Author, and a alternative medicine researcher. Also get involved with family counseling, often focusing on diets or weight loss. Dieting is a waste of money.


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