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Are you a busy professional?

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Author: Ntathu Allen

Are you a busy professional? Do you ever feel taxed and over-burdened by the multiple tasks you have to complete? Do you wish there was a simple, yet effective tool you could use, to instantly revive and motivate you? Something you could do, whilst at your desk to help release some of the tension, stress or worry you feel.


The art of massage is a beautiful gift you can give to yourself. Massage is a particular useful practice to help your body relax and your mind to slow down. If you are not able to go for a massage, don't worry.


Practice the following four simple Self- Massage Techniques and feel energized, strong and calm again.


One: Sit comfortably, straight spine, feet flat on the floor. Place your fingers on your ear lobes and "walk" your fingers around your ears. Gently pull your ears as you massage them. Repeat 3 -5 times in both directions. Smile as you do this.


Two: Pretend to chew a large piece of gum up and down and round and round, keep your mouth open and focus on wriggling your nose.


Three: Gently massage your eyebrows with your fingers, walk your fingers around the bridge of your nose. Open your mouth, lightly tap your cheeks with your fingers and make a long "Haa sound!


Four: Use your fingertips to lightly tap the centre of your upper chest area. Use your fists (knuckles) and tap firmly for a more active stimulation. If you are able to, be Tarzan and YELL "Ahh...".as you thump your chest.


Five: Close your eyes and sit quietly for a few moments as you relax into the experience.


FLEXI-BAR With as little as 30-45 minutes exercise per week

About the Author: Ntathu Allen. Registered Polarity Practitioner and Hatha Yoga Teacher, Ntathu Allen inspires and supports you in your health and wellness journey. She offers private 1-2-1 yoga at home sessions, yoga at work and yoga for children. Through the practice and teachings of Yoga and Polarity Therapy Treatments, she helps you learn simple yoga stretches, meditation and relaxation techniques which you can use to release stress, boost your energy, relax and, feel more alive. Email to sign up for your free Yoga and Polarity monthly enewsletter, "Healing for Soul" - full of simple health building exercises, relaxation techniques and inspirations which you can use to reduce stress, boost your creativity and experience inner and outer peace. Phone: +44 7973 777 882 +44 20 8432 3429

 Time-Saving Excercise Tips for the Busy Professional
By Joseph Ducat

You may be a very busy professional.  But that is no excuse for avoiding exercise.  Even if you do not have the time or convenience to work out at the gym, you can keep yourself fit through a simple exercise program that you can do even while you are stuck at the office.  The key to this fitness program is that the exercise sessions are all very short and last only from five to 10 minutes at a time.

The best way to go about this type of program is to have a checklist of all the exercises you will be doing.  You can vary the sequence of exercises and you can be flexible about when you do them, it is only important that you are able to check off the exercises on your list by the end of the day.

So what type of exercises will you be doing?  You will need to do aerobic exercise and stretching.  You can also do strength training if you want to make your body more fit and shapely.  The amount of aerobic exercise should add up to at least 30 minutes per day, although 60 minutes would be ideal.  You need not do 30 minutes of exercise all in one go, but can accumulate it throughout the day.  One of the best ways you can do this is through brisk walking whenever possible.  Brisk walking can burn up five to 6 calories per minute, compared to the 3.5 calories per minute that are used up in regular walking.

Also, when you are not in a hurry, you should take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Climbing stairs can burn up 8 calories per minute.  You can check your progress with the use of a pedometer.  This is a device that can count the number of steps that you take.  For full exercise, work for achieving 10,000 to 15,000 steps every day.

Stretching can be done in your office or cubicle between long work sessions.  You should do stretches for your arms, legs and neck.  If you also do strength training for your chest, then do chest stretching exercises as well.  Stretching is perfectly natural and should not bother anyone at the office.  Besides, stretching promotes alertness and concentration.

For strength training, you can keep light and portable equipment under your desk at work.  Small dumbbells, ankle weights, and exercise rubber bands are some things that you might use.  You can do one or two training sessions every hour, for at least five minutes per session, and not worry about sweating in your office clothes.

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FLEXI-BAR With as little as 30-45 minutes exercise per week



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