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Are You a Slave to Your Weight?

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Author: Mary Leahy

Do you find you are always obsessing about your weight, always watching how much you are eating, watching what others are eating and wishing you could do the same?

Do you wake up each morning dreading to get dressed, as you know your clothes feel tight and uncomfortable? Wishing you could live in your track pants or in drawstring pants and skirts that expand as you do.

Are you grumpy and do not understand why, or snap because you are frustrated and just do not know how to change.

Does your jealousy gene come to light every time you see a slim trim thing walking by eating a bag of crisps/chips, wishing and wanting to be able to do the same?

Does food become your nightmare? You dread meal times because you feel you can not eat and enjoy the same foods as others and you just feel cheated.

Dread having to buy a new outfit knowing it will be a chore to find anything that fits well or looks good once it is on.

Our personality and behaviour depends on our emotions. If our emotions are out of sync, then we will become a different person to what we were or want to be.

Having a weight problem will play havoc on our emotions. We know we want to lose the weight but, because we are depressed we tend to eat comfort foods to try and make ourselves feel better. This is only adding to our weight problem, then we feel guilty and get more depressed. The cycle continues to go around and around.

Diets drive us crazy because they eliminate certain foods and then we crave these even more. Cheating then begins and the next thing you know another diet fails.

Then of course there is the ease of buying ready made food. It is so easy to just stop off on the way home or pick up the phone for a take away. This is one the greatest weakness we all face.

However, there is a solution, but you have to be prepared to use it correctly.

Rediscover your body and take control of it. To do this you have to understand what your body needs to run correctly.

Everyone wants to be able to enjoy themselves and be able to go out for meals with friends or families and eat what they want. However, if you are always obsessing about food and your weight then you will not enjoy yourself or feel envious of the others for eating what they want. This can then lead you to either order something you will not enjoy or order something you will feel guilty about eating later.

By understanding your body and how it uses the food you give it and what is the best way to fuel your body then you will have a better understanding of how you can control your weight.

By taking control you will then understand why you gain weight and why you lose weight. Once you understand this then losing weight and controlling your weight will come easier.

What better way of controlling your weight than being your body's boss and not its slave.

Mary Leahy a registered nurse has many years experience living overseas working and observing various cultures and their eating habits. With the help of her partner developed Eating for a Healthier Lifestyle and Lose Weight Program &


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