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Are You Desperate For Fat Loss, Weight Plans to Help

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Author: Hendrika Van Aardt

We all know that getting rid of those extra pounds can be a nightmare. If you are screaming to the world "I'm desperate for fat loss, weight plans please!" I know I can help. Stay away from fad diets, whatever you do, they are only going to make you gain even more weight in the long run. Do it right, do it for the last time in your life. No more yo-yo dieting with these tips. Interested? Read on!

1. Beware of fad diets:

I have to be honest the only way to get rid of those bulges is with a sensible diet and moderate exercise. So, you want to know why? Well, with a fad diet you eat too little, your body goes into starvation mode, slows down your metabolism and losing weight becomes almost impossible. This you do not want to let happen. So please heed my warning, stay away from fad diets, believe me, I've been there and it's no joke. I'm still paying for it years after those crazy teenage days.

2. Eat a healthy balanced diet:

OK, so what is a healthy diet? A healthy eating plan consists of a variety of food from all the different food groups. You must also eat enough to have energy for your daily activities as well as for some moderate exercise. Here portion control is what is important. You must eat a little less, but not too little! This is the best way to identify a fad diet, you eat mainly one kind of food and you are not allowed to exercise. The diet does not have to encourage exercise; it must just not forbid it.

3. It must be easy to follow:

Good fat loss weight plans will be easy to follow, you will not be too hungry and you will have enough energy for your daily activities. Do not fall into the trap of "soup" or "fruit" or whatever funny eating plan. Go for a healthy one that will also show you how to keep the pounds off afterward. That is very important, otherwise you will simply put it all right back on.

4. More dangers of a fad diet:

Another danger of fad diets is that you can lose lean body mass in the form of muscle and that can make shedding pounds even more difficult in future. Remember, muscle uses more energy than fat so in the slimming process, muscle is your friend and helper.

Another problem with a fad diet is that your initial weight loss is water. Once you eat normal, all the weight comes right back on.

5. Now an example:

I think now that you know what to look for in good eating plans, it may be a good idea to tell you about one. The name is "Strip The Fat" and it will really be able to help you on your road.

There is a diet generator that works out your own personal diet for you from the food preferences you have entered. This makes sure that you are not forced to eat a lot of food you hate. Obviously you will have to make adjustments to your well know patterns, they got you in this mess, remember! So, this is one of the fat loss, weight plans you should have a look at.

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