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Armpit Sweat

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Author: Jeff McDougall

Normal sweating is necessary for our body's functionality. It helps regulate our temperature, as well as excretes certain waste products in our body to purify it. Yet some suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis, or otherwise known as excessive armpit sweat. People who suffer from this will experience sweating at greater than normal levels, at times when they should not be sweating. For example, even when they are in a cool environment and not doing and physical exercise, their armpits could excrete a relatively large amount of sweat.

The Problem

If you are one of those people who suffer from this, you might be having a difficult time, as this can be a problem especially when you are outdoors and in environments wherein you are interacting with other people. Once you experience excessive armpit sweat, there's no stopping it—and the stain it leaves! Many complains we have heard revolve around being uncomfortable in areas of their lives which require them to create rapport with other people. Such instances involve meetings at work, or while liaising with clients. Not only does corporate productivity struggle, but also social interactions, such as when going on a date or to a club or bar. The excessive armpit sweat certainly does not attract the opposite sex.

Everyone experiences armpits sweating, but around 1% of the population experience this in an extreme way. Your antiperspirant deodorant doesn't seem to be enough, and even more embarrassingly, armpit sweating is often accompanied by palmar hyperhidrosis, or hand sweating. You may even have tried to use medical grade antiperspirants that are only available by prescription at the chemist. But for many people suffering from hyperhidrosis, even this is not an effective solution.

While taking an exam, your hand can suddenly start to sweat out of control; some even have a handkerchief placed under their hand to absorb the sweat. This can be embarrassing during times when you suddenly meet someone and have to shake his or her hand.

While commuting or walking under the hot sun, you are surprised to feel your armpits sweating profusely; literally feeling the water drip. This is particularly embarrassing when you are wearing light-colored clothes, as there will be a dark stain left, and others will notice the damp area under your armpits.

The Solution

Excessive armpit sweat can sometimes be controlled by strong antiperspirants, but as previously stated, for many people this does not help. Bringing a change of clothing would also be wise, as well as limiting your clothing to certain colors to try to hide the stain. Dietary changes might also help. For extreme cases, surgical procedures.

One important thing that most people do not know, is that your food and dietary intake can have a huge impact on your levels of sweating. Because armpit sweat is caused by over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, there are certain foods that you should not use, to avoid this hyperactivity. For example, avoid caffeine and very spicy foods. It is also highly important to control your stress and anxiety levels. Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed, you sweat more? Well the only way to help this is to actually make an effort to stay cool and calm psychologically!

I hope this article helps in reducing your excessive armpit sweat problem to a comfortable level.

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