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Bath Time is the only time we slow down long enough to relax.

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Author: phillip skinner


For many of us our bath at the end of the day is the only time we slow down long enough to breathe and to feel. then relax a bit. The door is closed, the day is done and it's your time. So why not make the most of it?! Why not relax, stretch and realign yourself? Just think of it - If you bathe once a day and take that time to stretch a bit, you'll be ahead of the game. Stretching and relaxing in the bath tub is one sure way to relax your nervous system.


Below are some easy to do stretching and relaxation exercises. Take time to sit back and relax after each exercise. In this way, you can reflect on the soothing feeling you've just put into your muscle memory. Relaxation can help you ward off disease, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, widen restricted respiratory passages and even strengthen your immune system.


Rosas NIA Bath Tub tips for releasing stress


Note: For relaxation and flexibility results, repeat each bath exercise until your body says, "Thanks, I've had enough". For persons with high blood pressure - press gently and only hold for five seconds while breathing in and out.


1. Soak and listen to your body. Let the therapeutic properties of water relax you. Listen to what your muscles are saying. They can tell you if you need to slow down, to relax more in your lifestyle. Use The Body Shop "hot/cold eye mask" to relieve tired eyes, sinuses and headaches.


2. Soak and do nothing. Take time to be in the quiet-the stillness. Let your body be immersed in the stillness. Doing nothing can help to re-energize every part of you. Even more luxurious, take an Egyptian bath! Use The Body Shop "Milk Bath" and "Orange Cream Bath Oil" to soothe, moisturize and relax your body.


3. Let your physical tensions and mental worries wash down the drain. As you lie in the tub, just before you let the water out, think of all the things you would like to let go of. As you watch and feel the water running down the drain, release those worries. Remain in the tub until you feel they have all washed down the drain, leaving you free and open to the newness ahead of you. Once out of the tub, apply some of The Body Shop "Body Massage Oil" to your skin. Many fragrances such as lavender or jasmine can be added for fragrance. These two are particularly good for relaxing the body and mind.


4. Step out of the tub and leave your worries behind you. Step out of the tub and leave behind you any stress or worry you may have been carrying. Imagine that when you leave the bathroom your worries have been washed away.


5. Practice Aromatherapy. Fragrance, like music, soothes the savage beast in us all! After a whiff of many fragrances you can feel calmer, less angry, happier and centered. There are many bath products on the market that offer the benefits of Aromatherapy.


6. Create a mood. Shut the door. Turn out the lights and light your favorite candle. Turn on some of your favorite relaxing music, sit back and relax. In a few minute you'll be in another space and time.


7. Keep it warm, not hot. Some experts agree that too much hot water can be damaging to the skin, washing away the moisture. If you're one of those people with dry skin, try to keep the temperature of your water on the warm side. Add some bath oils to help soften your skin, or use any of the exfoliating devices from The Body Shop such as a loofa to smooth your skin and increase your circulation.


8. Apply a facial mask. Time is a precious commodity these days. So, apply your "facial mask scrub" while you're resting in the tub. The Body Shop carries a "Rice Bran Body Scrub" which is a luxurious way to exfoliate and moisturize the skin.


9. Soak and breathe. To relax when you're under pressure, the most important thing is to breathe from your center. It is located about an inch or two below your navel. Lie back and through your nose inhale slowly as if you were smelling your most favorite flower. As you exhale out of your mouth, sigh and release! Breathe for relaxation! Add your favorite essential oil or add the essential oil "eucalyptus" which is great for the respiratory system. Use The Body Shop "Skin Sponge" instead of a wash cloth for a gentle feel to the skin.


10. Use supports. In order for your body to relax it is important that your body feel supported. Not all tubs fit ever body. Blow up a small inner tube to sit on or use a bath pillow for neck support.


The Rosas Bath Tub Exercises


1. Foot Works. While sitting or lying in the tub, exercise your feet, ankles and calves to strengthen them. Circle your feet in both directions pointing and flexing your feet. Create small waves, circling your feet in all directions. Use one of The Body Shop "pumice stones" to keep your feet feeling great and softer. Top it off with The Body Shop "Massage Lotion" or "Peppermint Foot Lotion"!


2. Press & Stretch. Lying in the tub, gently press the back of your head and the heals of your feet into the tub. Hold for a few seconds and then sit up and stretch forward. Repeat until you feel ready to lie back and breathe deeply.


3. Spinal Twists. Sitting, both of your legs outstretched or slightly bent, gently turn your upper body towards the outside edge of your tub creating a spinal twist. Stretch out both of your arms along the inside of the tub and lightly apply pressure with both palms. Extend and lengthen up through the crown of your head and out through your finger tips. Feel the elongation up through your spine as you hold the twist for a few seconds while breathing deeply. Repeat to the other side. Now lie back and elongate your legs as you rest.


4. Leg Iso-Press. Sitting, both of your legs stretched out or slightly bent, press the outside edges of your legs into the tub. Sit tall and focus on lengthening through your legs, and up along your spine as you press. Hold the press for a few seconds and then release, stretching forward, lengthening towards your toes. Lengthen the back of your neck to increase flexibility along your entire spine. Repeat a few times, sit back and savor the feeling of relaxation.


5. Arm Iso-Press. Sitting or lying, knees bent or outstretched, press the outside edges of your forearms and the backs of your hands into the tub. Lengthen through your spine as you press, holding for a few seconds. Now release the press and stretch forward to lengthen the backs of your legs. Repeat a few times until you're ready to rest and relax.


6. Knee Hugs. Lying back, draw one of your knees in to your chest and hold to feel a gentle stretch along your low back and buttocks. You can do this sitting up with one leg stretched out. Breathe deeply and hold for a few seconds. Switch legs and end, hugging both knees into your chest. Now, lie back and rest. Feel your low back relaxed and soft.


7. Reach High - Hamstring Stretch. Sitting on your sits bones, your legs outstretched, feet flexed, reach up towards the sky and then extend out toward your knees, ankles or toes. If you're not very flexible, soften and bend your knees slightly. Repeat a few times and lie back to breathe, feeling your legs light and aligned.


8. The Float. Lying in the tub, knees bent, close your eyes and let your upper body float in the water. Focus on your deep breathing. Feel your ribs expanding, pushing the water out of the way as you inhale. Feel the water pushing your ribs inward as you exhale. Let your upper body be supported by the water. Let go and enjoy.


9. The Hair Wash. Sitting comfortably, give your scalp a great massage. Use both of your hands and vigorously rub and scrub your scalp. Now, just sit and feel the tingling sensations you've created through touch.


10. Airbrush & Massage. Use your hands to massage any part of your body that needs to release tension. Your feet will love it, and besides, massaging your feet will awaken your whole body. To airbrush your legs and increase circulation, use your hands. With your palms, starting at your ankles, rub inside the legs upward towards your groin and then down along the outsides of your legs. Repeat this 12 times keeping your hands in contact with your skin the entire time. Now lie back and enjoy the feeling of energy surging through your legs. For a twist, use The Body Shop "Bath Salts" to soften the water or they can be used dry with bath oil to rub on the skin to exfoliate, leaving a nice fragrance that lingers. The Body Shop "Back Strap" is fun, easy to use and is also great for increasing circulation and exfoliation.


11. Listening. Sit or lie in your favorite position and listen to music that soothes you. Take 20 minutes to breathe deeply, listen and feel.


12. The squeeze. Massage your own body by squeezing the muscles as if you were squeezing tooth paste from a tube. Start at the top and end at the bottom of each limb. Now sit back and feel the increased circulation you've created in your limbs. This is a good time to use The Body Shop "Loofa On A Stick", "Brush On A Stick" and/or "Bath Mitt". Use it all over your body to increase circulation.


13. Towel Stretches. Use a towel to stretch and lengthen. Standing, hold both ends of the towel above your head. Slowly pull out as you stretch up to open your shoulders. • For a side stretch, add a slight bend at the waist stretching up on an angle. • Now, gently bend forward and lace the towel under one foot. Keep that knee slightly bent, and gently pull up on the ends of the towel to stretch the back of your extended leg. Now, with the towel under your other foot, knee bent, stretch the other leg. • Standing, arms shoulder width, slightly below shoulder level, slowly pull out on the towel and feel a stretch across the back of your shoulders. • Now, hold the ends of your towel. Take the towel slowly over your head, as far back as possible to remain comfortable. Hold for a moment as you lengthen your arms. Slowly return the towel over to the front of your body. Repeat forward and back. Stand and relax, feeling the benefits. Use The Body Shop "Skin Towel".


14. Cellulite Massage. Sitting in the tub, massage the backs of your legs vigorously. Circle in both directions. Use The Body Shop "Buddy Body".


One side is for exfoliation, the other for cellulite massage.



Rosas Bath Tub Fitness The bath. Your bath. Time to relax, to look back at your day. A time to contemplate your future, your dreams. A time to physically feel. A time to breathe deeply, to sigh a sigh, to soak and let go. A time to utilize the therapeutic benefits of water. 


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