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Beat the Top 3 Workout Excuses

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Author: Jill Hudson

When it comes to working out I could always come up with the best excuses to find something better to do. I think we have all been there. It is very common to get real creative when finding reasons why working out is not the thing to do at the time. I have overcome a lot of my excuses. Hopefully you can overcome them too with the help of this article shining a light on the false truths of those excuses.

One of the biggest excuses I liked to use was that I just did not have the time to workout. With today's busy schedules I am sure that a lot of people use this excuse. It would be a good one if it was just not true. The real test of any excuse is to ask yourself if you could find a way around it if there was a gun to your head. You will find more often than not that you can quickly find a way around these things when you put it into that perspective. The excuse of time is no exception. Let's face it. It is not really about time as much as it is about priorities. You really just have to put working out at the top (or at least closer to the top) of your priority list. Maybe you need to get up a little earlier. Maybe you need to invest in some home equipment so that you can save the time of driving to the gym. There are always ways around the excuse if you look hard enough.

Another one I hear used a lot is the old I do not have the money to work out excuse. No money for the gym, no money for workout clothes, and no money for home equipment are all among the various forms of this excuse. While it may sound legit on the surface it is just not true. Again if there was a gun to your head you would drop to the ground and start doing some push ups. No matter what you would find a way to workout. Bodyweight exercises at home are free. And if nothing else they can be done to get you in the workout groove while you save from some good equipment. Heck there is a whole subculture of workout fanatics that do bodyweight workouts in the park on things like picnic tables. Again priorities come into play here.

Getting bored with your workout or the feeling that working out is boring in general is another top excuse. Well I hate to break it to you (not really but that sounds nicer) but the responsibility of creating and following a fun workout rests squarely on your own shoulders. It is up to you to keep it exciting. Change up your routine or maybe even the venue. Get outside and workout in the park every once in awhile. Try some new exercises. You can make working out as exciting as you want to make it.

As you can see workout excuses are just excuses. There is always a way when you get your priorities in line.

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