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Beat Your Cravings and Finally Lose Weight

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Author: Jill Hudson

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that common food cravings like junk food, fast food, and sweet snacks can kill a diet and keep you from losing weight. The problem is not that we do not know that the cravings are bad but rather that we feel powerless to stop them. Just remember that everyone has these cravings. Everyone! But there are a few tricks to use to stop the bad snacking and get away from those junky foods once and for all.

One of the best ways to curb your cravings is by staying satisfied from your main meal for longer periods of time. The way to do this is to modify what you are eating and when you are eating it. If you are only cutting calories in an effort to lose weight you are not seeing the big picture. One of the reasons why the junk food cravings pop up in the first place is the fact that your main meals may not be of the kinds of quality foods that keep you satisfied and fueled for hours. You have to make sure you are getting good complex carbs like whole grains in your meals that will supply your body with the fuel it needs to stay satisfied and keep the chocolate monster away for longer periods of time. Another key ingredient that provides long term fuel is a high quality lean protein like a white meat chicken or lean fish. These kinds of foods take longer to digest and convert into fuel unlike the quick hit of sugary foods.

Even with good quality meals you can sometimes get hit with the worst cravings of all in the after dinner sweet tooth. If you are a person who craves sweets one way to keep this from totally throwing your diet off track is to turn to a natural sugar like a piece of fruit to satisfy your desire. This is a lot better than a processed sugar and if eaten in moderation can be very good for you. In addition to the sweetness of the fruit you will also be getting some fiber and depending on the type of fruit a whole load of other good things like vitamins and antioxidants.

Another trick to help out is to increase your water intake. Water is essential to a healthy diet but even more so for stamping out cravings. Sipping good clean and pure water throughout the day can help you to feel full and not crave the bad foods that knock you off track.

Finally one of the best things to do in order to keep moving towards your goals is to give in to your cravings! That may sounds shocking but when done in extreme moderation it can be a very good thing to do. By giving in I do not mean grazing on chocolates whenever the urge strikes. I also do not even mean ever giving in on consecutive days. The exact way to do it is to have a once a week cheat day in which you are allowed to eat whatever you want. Even better is to just have a once a week cheat meal. In addition to keeping you motivated psychologically it can also actually help your body to not get used to the diet and keep burning fat on your regular diet days.

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