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Body Dynamic Synchronization Techniques

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Author: Dennis Bartram

 My main purpose starting this channel is to show how Budo training techniques meme into my every day work rest and play if you are interested in training by maintaining your body's agility towards wellness into your 50s plus Simply check out my website for more how to information   Check This Out


The FLEXI-BAR is a 5ft fibreglass rod with weights at each end. It exercises the deep, hard-to-reach core muscles via vibrations that occur when the bar is shaken. The vibrations pass through your body, destabilising the spine and forcing the deep core muscles to work to keep the spine in its natural position. It also works the tummy, hips, lower, middle and upper back muscles. It´s recommended that you use it for two or three 10-15 minute sessions per week.  Check This Out

 Hey if you don't believe me Ask Gordon Brown The PM'





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