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Bodyweight Drills For Training the Body as One Unit

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Author: Logan Christopher

It's a pity so few people are exposed to real training. I'm not talking about what most people consider 'functional' training either. But training that works the entire body as one unit.

In most gyms and with most machines the average trainee seeks to isolate the muscles. To have them work individually and one at a time. But that's not how the body is suppose to work.

Full body exercises are the way to go. Even in the cases of exercises that seem to isolate, like for instance the military press, the whole body can and should be activated. This will not only make it safer but you'll be able to lift more.

Here's a couple bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere and will give you a taste of this type of training.

The Superman. Lay down on your stomach. With your arms overhead and your legs straight with toes pointed. Push your abs into the ground and flex your back as your raise both your upper and lower body off the ground. Hold this position for at least ten seconds.

Was that easy for you to do? Or difficult?

Next flip over onto your back for the Hollow Position. This is a common move needed in gymnastics. But just the basics here can strengthen your body and teach you how to use it.

Laying on your back, press your lower back into the ground as your raise your lower and upper body off the ground. In can help to think of trying to bring your tailbone to your belly button. Hold this position while flexing the entire body.

If you were able to do both these moves without much difficulty then you are ready do move onto a real challenge. A handstand against the wall.

You cannot do this move without using your body as one unit. You need to have strong arms which are connected to the torso and core. If you let anything slip you will fail.

There's lots of fine points in getting into position and what that position looks like. Place your hands about eight inches from the wall. Keep the arms locked out and shoulder width apart. Start by kicking off of one leg but don't try to go all the way up immediately. Work your way jumping higher and higher each time until you touch the wall with your feet.

If you feel this move is beyond you at the moment there is no shame in taking the time to work up to it.

Once you can get into the position (remember to keep those arms locked out) straighten yourself out. You don't have to become one hundred percent straight like a gymnast but you want to lengthen your body.

Try holding the handstand for time. When you can do a minute you're doing great. Even try these moves several times throughout the day.

This is just the beginning of what you can do with full body training. Even if you do other exercises, by practicing these drills you'll get stronger and more coordinated.

To take this training to the next level, you'll want to work on doing a freestanding handstand. Find out more on how to do that at http://www.lostartofhandbalancing.com


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