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Boosting Your Metabolism to Avoid a Weight Loss Plateau

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Author: Jim Robertson

When you embark on a diet or exercise program, your goal, of course, is to lose weight. But what most dieters don't realize is that even by following their plan exactly, they are likely to experience plateaus. A plateau is when weight loss stops for a period of several weeks. And while there are different reasons a plateau may occur, most experts agree that the only sure fire way to break though a weight loss plateau is by boosting metabolism.

Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

There are several ways to boost your metabolism and avoid a weight loss plateau. The simplest is to increase your exercise, adding both minutes and weight training to your exercise regime. This helps your body burn calories even while you are at rest. Another way is to vary the number of calories you eat each day (instead of eating 1,500 calories every day, eat 1,300 calories one day and 1,700 the next). And finally, don't skip meals. Skipping meals only slows your metabolism down.

Staying Strong Through A Metabolism Weight Loss Plateau

After you have chosen to embark on one of the biggest journeys of your life, it can be frustrating to see the progress suddenly stop. Everything was going fine at first, and then with no warning, the pounds stopped coming off. This situation is often the cause of a sudden lack of motivation and dedication to your diet regime.

Yet, now is not the time to stop. If anything, hitting that weight loss metabolism plateau should only inspire you to work even harder. Having the right mental attitude is a huge part of getting through a weight loss metabolism plateau.

Getting Support

One way to keep your mentality up is to find support for yourself and your weight loss efforts. That support can be one person, or it can be a group of people. Whether it is your spouse, son, daughter, friend, or everybody you know, having this support system can make all the difference in overcoming your weight loss metabolism plateau.

Another way to gather support is to talk to people who are going through the same thing that you are. Joining groups like Weight Watchers is a great way to get support from people who understand exactly what you are going through. Weight loss support groups can also be found online. A weight loss support system can answer your questions, and provide a shoulder for you to cry on.

Thinking Positive

Simply getting through the day without making poor eating choices can be difficult for some dieters stuck in a weight loss metabolism plateau. It is hard to eat healthfully when you think that it is not having any effect.

One technique that can help you to keep a positive attitude is to write little notes to yourself with words of encouragement: "You're doing great!" or "Do you really want to eat that last piece of pie?" Stick them in places where you'll see them—on the refrigerator, on the door to the pantry, or on the microwave.

Some people take the opposite approach when they try to overcome their weight loss metabolism plateau. Instead of giving themselves positive encouragement, many dieters put a picture of themselves at their heaviest weight in a prominent spot. This serves as a warning: don't eat that if you don't want to look like that again!

Patience Is A Virtue

Although your prospects may be looking dim right now, the truth is that you will overcome your weight loss metabolism plateau soon. In the meantime, keep working hard, and keep up a positive attitude!

Just Keep Climbing To Break Your Weight Loss Metabolism Plateau

For those people who opt to take on the challenge of getting in shape, hitting a weight loss metabolism plateau can be rough. Usually, the weight begins coming off very quickly; however, after a certain amount of time weight loss slows and finally comes to a stop.

Why does this happen, and what can you do to get out of your rut? It turns out you can blame it all on the speed of your metabolism. Once you learn about why your metabolism slows down and what you can do to speed it up, you will soon begin dropping pounds once again.

Why Does Metabolism Slow Down?

Typically, weight loss begins to slow down about a month after you started the initial process of losing weight. The reason for this weight loss plateau is your metabolism. After you begin a diet, your body wants to conserve calories because it thinks that there is a famine. Thus, your metabolism naturally slows down in order to ensure that you are getting enough to eat.

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