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Break Through That Bodybuilding Plateau

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Author: Adam Latham

Drop sets

This is the monster of all routines, if there is one thing you must add to your bodybuilding schedule then this must be the one.

Everybody gets stuck at their plateau at some time or other or wed all be built like Arnie! So how do we smash through it? The drop set!

Some people say drop sets are over training, but its not. Muscles need to be worked and worked very hard to grow. Only do drop sets occasionally, once every two weeks or so with each muscle and done properly they’ll kill, trust me!

So what are drop sets?

What drop sets are continuing your set even after you can no longer lift your current weight. When you cant lift it no more quickly switching to a lighter weight. So for example which do barbell curls of 30lbs, when you can lift it anymore to continue with that weight, you strip off a 5lb plate from each side and immediately go again using 20lbs. Does this until you can't do that anymore. (This can be carried on, i.e. a further 5lb off each side and more reps until you physically cant lift it again.)

1st Set: 30lbs No drop set
2nd Set: 30lbs 1 Drop down to 20lbs
3rd Set: 30lbs Drop to 20lbs, Drop to 10lbs*

* Or lighter until you are on around 3-5 reps at each weight
This gives a pump like you’ve never felt before, itll smash that plateau and earn you that ever sought muscle. Trust me!

Super Sets

Supersets work in the same way as Pre-exhausting if you super set the same body part. The idea therefore is you do your regular sets, but in between these, you do a whole new exercise, usually opposing body parts. It can be very tough as you would already be very tired from your first exercise, which is why you superset different body parts. Biceps & Triceps, Chest & Back is a good choice.

So you do biceps curls, and then immediately go into triceps push ups. This is a very good routine and your can complete two body parts in the time it would normally take to do one, as you half your rest time for one muscle before training the other.

Pyramid training

The idea is the increase your weight as you go through your sets i.e. you barbell curl 20lb, rest, move up to 25lb, rest, move up to 30lb, rest, move up to 35lb in your final set.

As you muscles warm up you can increase your weights each time.
When pyramiding try to stay in the 6-12 rep range. It is a great way to keep your muscles constantly working to their limit so pushing them to grow and grow!

These techniques have been around for years and work because they are the best of the best. Use them wisely and youll keep your muscles wondering what is coming next, which is the key to training. Shocking your muscles means theyll grow bigger and stronger!

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