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Burn That Belly Fat - Look Sexy - Here's How!

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Author: Jim Keayes

You wanna burn off that belly fat - look sexy again ? Well that's what I'm going to tell you.

First let's have a look at exactly what it is that makes us fat.

Well that's obvious… we eat too much!

Sounds logical - over eat and get fat - under eat and lose weight. But you and I know that it doesn't quite work out just like that. Sometimes you eat less and actually put on weight.

The body is an amazing thing. It knows how to run itself. It was pre-programmed eons ago to manage our food intake to keep us alive. The body doesn't like change - it is happiest when we maintain the status quo.

Our bodies metabolic systems were created in the time of the apes, when famines were frequent and they learned to adapt… and they haven't changed much since.

If we have been eating at a fairly consistent level and then decide to diet, the body will try to defeat us. When our food intake drops below the established level our body is pro-programmed to think that here must be a shortage of food coming so it begins to hoard food and store it as fat.

And then there's the bodies reaction to highly refined carbohydrates - those so called high GI foods like sugar, mashed potatoes, cookies, white bread, chips and fast food snacks. When we eat foods like this we set up the sugar/insulin cycle and in no time at all we are severely overweight and insulin intolerant.

Now we add another layer. Our acid producing diets plus all the toxins and pollutants we introduce into our bodies everyday.

Once our liver becomes overburdened the only defense left to our poor old battered systems, is to wrap those toxins up in fat and store them around our bellies to protect us from the damage.

Many health professionals, including Stanley Burroughs, the originator of the Master Cleanse, believe that every disease and health problem can be traced to toxins that build up in the body's systems and cause congestion, discomfort, and illness.

Not a pretty picture is it?

* If we diet we gain all the weight back again.

* If we eat the North American fast food diet we become insulin intolerant and can't lose weight anyway.

* And we're bombarded with toxins from all directions that our body wraps up in fat and stores.

And when we do try to lose some weight those carb cravings will drive us to binge again and again. In fact a huge factor in excessive weight gain is "insulin insensitivity" caused by spiking our blood sugar with refined carbohydrates over a period of years.

So what's the answer? Surely there's hope somewhere?

Well it has been found that cleansing the body of these toxins can bring relief from chronic pain, swelling, fatigue, allergies, attention defecit and can improve virtually all aspects of mental and physical health.

You've gotta like that!

And if you can easily and quickly get those carb cravings under control you might finally stand a chance of shedding those pounds - be successful at weight loss for a change instead of all those failed attempts that we have racked up in the past.

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