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Checklist - 7 Harmful Effects of Sugar

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Author: Diana Walker

Humans are born with a sweet tooth. From birth the newborn baby smells and taste the milk of his mother. As adults it is not different. We grow up with many cravings for something sweet.

One Can of Coke has 10 Teaspoons of Sugar

The average North American consumes more than 130 pounds of sugar and related products every year. That may sound impossible but when you consider that one can of Coke has 10 teaspoons of sugar; you see that it is not that hard as the average American also drinks about 1 or 2 sodas per day.

When it comes to refined sugar, the bottom line is that as intoxicating as it may be, it is addictive and there is little room for it in a healthy diet. It is by far more damaging than helpful. It is lethal when ingested because it provides what nutritionists describe as "empty" or "naked" calories.

There are many ways that sugar can harm the body and it would literally take a book to discuss the harm.

How is Refined Sugar Harmful to the Body?

Here are seven ways that this refined sweetener is harmful to the body.

1. Sugar Depletes Body of Vitamins and Nutrients

Because it depletes the body of vitamins and nutrients, sugar suppresses the immune system, leaving the body little room to defend itself.

2. Sugar Feeds Cancer Cells

Sugar feeds cancer cells and has been linked with the development of cancer of the breast, ovaries, prostate, rectum, pancreas, biliary tract, lung, gallbladder and stomach.

3. Sugar Links to Tooth Decay

Sugar has a high acidic content and as a result, it has a direct link to tooth decay and other dental problems.

4. Sugar Links to Diabetes and Blood Sugar Fluctuations

Refined sugar has a direct affect on your blood sugar levels and is a main cause of diabetes.

5. Sugar and Obesity

With the zero nutritional value and no fiber content in sugar, it's clearly implicated in obesity, which can cause many other illnesses and conditions. .

6. Sugar and Anxiety Disorders

Sugar can cause a rapid rise of adrenaline, hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness in children and even adults. One of the first things that a person diagnosed with anxiety disorder is told to eliminate is refined sugar.

7. Sugar and the Aging Process

Another result that stems from the fact that sugar has no nutritional value, is that it accelerates the aging process. In order for a body to remain healthy it must have the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to maintain vigor and energy. Again, sugar is not only void of nutrients, but it also zaps the body of the good stuff that is already there.

All-in-all sugar is the one of the worse substances you can put in your body. However, the fact that there are sweet taste buds on the tongue still leaves the desire for something sweet to be consumed. It makes one wonder what to do if sugar is harmful to the body.

There are so many other alternatives out there to satisfy the sweet tooth. Literally the earth is full of many natural sweet options. Fruit is a wonderful alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth and you have a bounty to choose from. As far as sweeteners you can try stevia or agave nectar. They are both great choices for baking, sweetening tea and whatever you use sugar for.

Sugar is addictive and very damaging to the body. The wisest choice that you can make in deciding what to do about sugar is to simply decide to get it out of your pantry.

Are cravings for sugar, salt, junk food, sodas, and coffee running your life? Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader, Cravings Coach and CEO of Diana's Healthy Lifestyles provides natural, safe options for creating vibrant health.


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