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Childhood Obesity, Perception, And Health Risks

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Author: David Kraft

Today's society is, unfortunately, very materialistic. Looks are important and judgements are made about people by others simply by looking at them. Overweight children are no exception and many concerned parents worry about the social stigma and way that their children are treated at school and in public.

Many fail to view obesity as a disease or legitimate health concern and instead treat it like a superficial problem. In the case of children, this negative 'support' often leads to issues with self image and self esteem that can carry on in to adulthood. The key to addressing this problem is to make everyone aware of the health issues associated with childhood obestiy and find postive solutions, such as diet, exercise, or even weight loss camps for children that can provide the postive support to fight the physical and emotional health concerns.

When talking about overweight children, cardiovascular health is one of the primary concerns. Diet and exercise levels have a huge impact on an individual's heart health and the heart's ability to function properly. Numerous studies have pointed out that obesity has a negative impact on a healthy heart.

Clogged arteries (arteriosclerosis)is a concern, even for children, that results from diets high in saturated fats. Obesity also contributed to high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol. Full blown cardiovascular disease can develop in children that carry excessive weight in their abdominal region.

Type II diabetes was once thought to be a disease that only affected adults, but it is beginning to be found in children that are overweight as well. Given the overall poor health of the American people, it is estimated that nearly 25% of kids that are born today will develop type II diabetes at some point in their life. Type II diabetes has health concerns of its own, but it is also know to increase the probability of developing cardiovascular disease later in life.

The purpose of this article is not to scare people, but the truth is that these things are scary. The good news is that they can all be avoided or reverse with some hard work focusing on proper diet and exercise. Even moderate weight loss can significantly improve cardiovascular health and reduce the aforementioned risks.

Speaking with doctors, professional dieticians, and even counselors at weight loss camps can provide the guidance that parents need to get their child on a healthy path. A weight loss or fitness camp can prove to be especially effective because it removes children from having to deal with the social issues associated with being overweight and allows them to deal solely with their physical health.

Consider this a learning opportunity for your family. These are life lessons, not things that only work for children. The knowledge that a child can gain from a proper weight loss program is the kind of thing that will serve them well for their entire life. Just like parents raise children to be moral, they should also raise them to live healthily.

David Kraft writes articles about healthy living for kids and teens. You can learn more about weight loss camps for kids at http://www.newimagecamp.com


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