Collagen and Elastin Products and Anti Aging Skincare
If you were to ask me do collagen and elastin products work to help you to look younger in appearanc...

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Collagen and Elastin Products and Anti Aging Skincare

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Author: Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

If you were to ask me do collagen and elastin products work to help you to look younger in appearance then I would have to answer you with a resounding no. This is for the most part a myth perpetrated by the major cosmetics companies as a way to keep you buying their products. This trick has worked on the majority of the population it seems, as they are selling these products to the tune of billions of dollars.

First of all, the worst offenders in this scheme are the many topical anti aging creams and lotions that these companies produce that are supposed to magically fix all of your problems. Well, the truth is that neither one of those ingredients are of a small enough molecular structure to for your skin to be able to absorb them. They simply rest on the upper layer of your skin far away from where they would be of any help.

Do collagen and elastin products work when ingested in capsule, liquid, or powder form to cause a change in your overall appearance? While these methods of delivery are far superior for getting these ingredients to where they have to go they will still not help you to reach your skin care goals. This is because they will primarily be used by the body for other purposes.

You see, the two basic types of collagen that make up the tissue that forms your skin are also the primary builders of the walls of your organs, and of your arteries. These internal areas are the ones of primary importance when it comes to areas that need to be maintained as the production of collagen and elastin begins to slow down, and they will receive the collagen before the skin will.

Do collagen and elastin products work in any form? Only in the form that promotes the growth of new collagen and elastin by stimulating their production rate through the injection of certain types of keratin proteins into the skin. These proteins can be obtained through the use of products manufactured by a company that hails from the island nation of New Zealand.

The reason that these proteins, which in combination are known as Functional Keratin, work so well is that they are so readily absorbable by the skin. This is because the skin itself is made up of keratin, but just not these exact proteins. When introduced to the skin these new proteins spark the development of new cells within the skin, which in turn increase the production of elastin and collagen.

Do collagen and elastin products work? No, because they can in no way, shape, or form instigate this significant increase in tissue production within the skin. This is why products that contain Functional Keratin in them are so highly recommended for erasing the lines and wrinkles on your skin, and for giving your skin a firmer, fuller appearance.

Now you know the honest answer to do collagen and elastin products work despite what the cosmetics industry might tell you to the contrary.

Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum is a dermatologist who has spent the last several years researching natural skin care products in an effort to find the best skin care products available for her patients. For more information visit


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