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Colon Cleanse - Why it Matters to You!

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Author: PL Fields

Brace yourself as this is not something my mother tells me NOT to discuss at the dinner table…..

It's a colon cleanse. Now keep reading! Don't be offended or grossed out. There are several very important things to discuss about it and it's IMPORTANT TO YOU.

Some strange and true colon facts:

• Many of the people of all time who have live the longest ritually cleansed themselves ON THE INSIDE.

• It's not uncommon for autopsy on people to show "impacted hardened fecal matter", which causes all kinds of health problems, some resulting in death

• There are 10 times more bad bacteria in your gut then there are cells in your body

• Your "second immune system" is your gut, hence the phrase "go with your gut instinct"

I will not get go into all of the health complications that arise from colon problems, but I will say that I'm pretty shocked that most doctors will never discuss gut health as a preventative for all kinds of SERIOUS and DEADLY disorders. Taking probiotics or eating yogurt, while extremely helpful, still doesn't fully address the problem.

I was kind of skeptical at first of trying a colon cleanse. I've heard of the "Colon Irrigation" or "Colon Hydrotherapy" before and I've even had it done (for the love of health obviously). If you're brave, I think it's very beneficial if done right. There are probably a number of technicians in your area that are certified to do this, but I found something way better.

It's a colon cleanse kit that comes with packets of herbal mixture that helps absorb and literally remove the impacted fecal matter in your intestines.

This is what's so interesting, so pay attention.

As a 30 year old, organic diet eating, athlete, I thought there was probably not much benefit at first for doing this. I'm young and I eat this incredible diet.

WOW, I was wrong. This is what I noticed with this colon cleanse kit.

• The whites of my eyes become brighter! Lift your eye lid up or down and take a look at the corner of "white" of you eye…do you see yellow? It's not a good sign. The yellow color is a good indication that your waste removal system needs some serious cleaning.

• I started sleeping more peacefully. I hate this thing called "restless leg syndrome" because there could be a million reasons why you can's sleep and you toss and kick around with your legs at night. I started to have this pretty bad, but I'm too young to have
this "syndrome." After the second day of the colon cleanse I started sleeping like a baby. No getting up to go to the bathroom, no kicking around at night, just 9 to 10 hrs of hard sleeping.

• Increase energy. There are so many products that taught INCREASED energy, but it's a quick fix. This is why a serious colon cleanse gives you lasting energy. It's because when your intestines are clogged , the lining of your intestines is where you absorb vitamins and minerals and if your walls of your intestines aren't clean you're getting very little benefit from what you're eating…no matter how healthy!

• Overall since of relief. I never have a problem going to the bathroom, but what a profound sense of relief and overall wellness I have from doing this colon cleanse once a year.

And it's not just me. It's everyone who tries it!

My mother, who is 62, swears by it. She lost 10 lbs from her gut area! The first time she did it, she couldn't stop talking about it. Our potty humor conversations lasted for weeks.

In fact, just yesterday she told me that it was time for her yearly ritual to do it again!

And just this past week, my chiropractor, was telling me that his office staff bought him the colon cleanse kit I turned him on to, for Christmas. I thought it might be a strange Christmas gift, but they know he likes to do it every year now, and what other gift means I care about you, then something like this!

I could go on and on about it, but the truth is that you have to try it to really understand the benefits. If you value your health, you'll do it and you'll make it a ritual, not just a resolution.

Rituals LAST- Resolutions PASS

Think about it.

Get into the ritual of a colon cleanse once a year.

Taking Your Health TO Heart,

PL Fields

P.S. If one of your resolutions (each year) is to LOSE Weight (the really stubborn kind), then doing this cleanse could help you lose 5-20lbs (or more).

P.P.S. I wanted to save this till the end. Pictures may be louder than words. These are NOT extreme cases of mucoid plaque (impacted fecal matter). This is what typically is removed inside your intestines from doing this cleanse.

PL Fields is the author of the Health to Heart newsletter(free at ). See pictures of the Colon Cleanse: and discover the Colon Cleanse Kit I'm talking about, visit:


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