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Crazy Ways to Burn Off the Bulge

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Author: Jim Robertson

There's a new diet sheriff in town, and she's singing a new song when it comes to losing weight. It's no longer all about dieting, it's about metabolism, which requires both diet and exercise regimens to be effective. But effective it is, because it increases the body's rate of calorie consumption. The theory of metabolism management is based on two primary elements - increasing lean muscle mass, which burns more calories per pound of body weight than those with less muscle, and eating five to six smaller, high quality meals per day to prevent the body from going into fat-hoarding mode (which is common with many diets) and keeping the digestive system busier for longer periods of time, which in itself consumes calories.

With metabolism management it's all about the burn. Not the burn you get from pumping iron - that's important, but it's another discussion - but the burn rate of the calories present in the body, either from incoming food or stored fat. The higher the burn rate, the quicker the weight loss and the easier it is to manage your weight going forward. But you don't have to take a cycling class or take up bench pressing to burn calories, and anything you do in the course of your day - especially if you do it regularly - serves to jack up your metabolism, and in a good way. So here are some unlikely yet effective ways to get the blood pumping and the metabolism churning that will help get the job done.

Drink cold water. Two glasses of cold water put into an empty stomach requires about 100 calories for the body to heat the water to a point at which it can be processed. That's 700 extra calories burned per week, or about ten pounds per year, just from swallowing.

Wear casual clothes to work. Scientific studies - let us hope there wasn't a government grant on our dime for this one - have shown that folks who don't suit up for work tend to move around more during the day, an average of 25 calories more, which is nearly two pounds of fat a year for a full time job.

Park in the back. Way back. Amaze and confuse your friends by parking as far away from the door as possible. Do this two or three times a week and you'll burn up to 50 or so extra calories, again, almost a pound of burned fat per year.

Stand on your toes several times a day. If someone asks, just say you're raising your metabolism and enjoy the expression on their face. Hold the position until your calves burn. A few times a day and you'll not only burn off that lunch taco, you'll end up with legs like a ballet dancer, which is a very good thing.

Be the one on top. Yes, we're talking carnal pilates here, which already burns up to a hundred calories with a really good romp, more if you're the one doing all the work, whatever that means for you. This is one exercise you'll want to practice and perfect over and over again, until you get it just right.

Virtually anything you can think of that requires movement, from chewing gum to putting on pajamas, has the effect of burning calories. The trick is to add something new to your routine - hence, the pajamas - that you weren't doing before, resulting in a marginal caloric expenditure. Enough little things add up to big results, and it only takes a few hundred calories a day to cause the pounds to being melting away as the result of an overhauled metabolism.

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