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Cut Hundreds of Calories Out of Your Day

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Author: Jill Hudson

Working out and getting in shape is one of the hardest things to get started. After starting it also takes real effort to stay in the routine. One of the most difficult is cutting back on calorie intake. Sure it is easy on paper but it is really tough to stick to in real life. A lot of our favorite foods are just loaded with calories. Cutting them back and enjoying a nice quality of life is a difficult balance.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to just follow one simple rule. Never ever drink your calories. If you just cut back to only drinking water as you liquid of choice you can literally cut out hundreds of calories a day. It is a no brainer that cutting out all sodas and cola drinks will cut hundreds of calories alone. On top of that the sugar in those drinks can kill your diet before you even get started. But many other drinks can be high in calories as well and this is a fact that is often overlooked.

Milk for example has around 100 calories per glass depending on the level of fat. Now this in and of itself is not a problem but when you start looking at your total calorie intake for the day it can start to add up. Do not get me wrong though. I understand that milk is actually very healthy. It is full of calcium and more importantly protein. It is a great component of many diets. But if you are trying to cut calories in order to burn fat it might not be the best choice for you.

Another reason to not drink your calories is that you have to weigh in the fact that some foods will keep you feeling more full than others with a lower calorie impact. Broccoli for example is low calorie but high in the amount that it makes you feel full. It would take a lot of broccoli to add up to a large calorie impact. But it only takes a little to help you feel full and get to the end of your meal. Drinks like milk or orange juice for example are healthy but they do not have much of an impact on how full you feel when you consume them. They can add to your calorie intake level and leave you still hungry. This can lead to an overeating condition that will just leave you frustrated.

Add to this the simple fact that water in and of itself is great for losing weight since it can help to flush out your body and there is just no reason to not drink water when trying to lose weight. Of course you can still drink your favorite healthy drinks like milk or orange juice from time to time. Just keep in mind the effects they have on your calorie intake and keep water as your primary drink and you will be on the fast track to success.

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