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Dead Sea Black Mud

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Author: Yael Manor

Dead Sea black mud educed from the bottom of the Jordan Dead Sea has immense healing properties. It contains all the essential minerals, which are necessary for the health of skin. Dead Sea black mud consists of magnesium, potassium, calcium and bromine. These minerals retain the moisture in skin, thereby preventing skin hydration.

When a layer of mud is applied carefully on a wound, the wound heals completely and quickly without a sign of any mark.

Apart from this, the fine mud particles cleanse the skin and remove dirt, impurities and other toxins from the skin. It is effective in curing skin disorders such as eczema, wrinkles, acnes and psoriasis and itchy skin. Dead Sea black mud also reduces the condition of arthritis and rheumatism.

It improves and stimulates blood circulation. Dead Sea black mud rejuvenates the skin because it gently peels dead cells and reveals youthful and healthier skin. Various spas and aromatherapy centers use Dead Sea black mud in skin and joints treatments.

It also has anti aging properties because the minerals tighten the skin pores so that skin remains healthy for longer time. Dead Sea black mud does not contain any oil aspect unlike other natural skin products. Hence, when individuals use mud mask on their face and wash it off, the skin glows with radiance, and looks healthy.

Dead Sea black mud strengthens the hair roots if applied to scalp. It prevents hair loss, enhances hair growth and makes hair healthy and lustrous. When tested in laboratory, Dead Sea black mud proved four times more effective compared to other cosmetic brands.

Cosmetic Products:

Dead Sea is not connected to any other water body. As water in Dead Sea evaporates, salt, minerals, and other ingredients present in the water get absorbed at the bottom of seabed. Manufacturers then extract this mud, remove its impurities, package it, and sell it.

The Dead Sea black mud comprises of several layers of sedimentary clay. The high density of minerals has tremendous nourishing as well as healing attributes.

Cosmetic producing companies combine Dead Sea black mud with other extracts to make different products such as cleansing products, moisturizers, cooling masks, and exfoliating and fine line reduction masks, so that users get a firm, scented and healthy skin.

Dead Sea black mud masks work best on all skin types. Dead contains almost 20 different types of rich minerals, which provide restore, regenerate cells, and improve metabolism rate of the cells.
Dead Sea Mud Soap:

The Dead Sea mud soap cures ailments such as acne, psoriasis and many other skin disorders. It is a multipurpose soap. Dead Sea mud soap, when applied to skin, opens the skin pores. It makes the skin free from impurities. It allows vitamins and minerals to penetrate deep into the skin, since both vitamins and minerals work to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. People using Dead Sea mud soap always experience a clear skin.

The soap comes in popular scents such as Lemon Verbena, Rose, Lavender and Almond. Altogether, there are 15 varieties of the soap, which have all therapeutic benefits derived from the minerals present in Dead Sea.

Dead Sea mud soap is made up of pure vegetable oil. It does not contain animal ingredients, fragrances or artificial colors. It is packaged with a plastic wrap that is biodegradable and recyclable.


The Dead Sea mud soap works by gently cleansing the skin and hence, it is free from harmful impurities such as dirt, smoke and bacteria. It leaves the skin supple, detoxified and glowing. The Dead Sea mud soap is gaining popularity among people as it caters to a number of skin disorders and makes the skin retain its originality.

As the name suggests, Dead Sea mud soap contains mud that lies beyond 1300 feet below the level of Dead Sea. Both, the salt and mud that are rich in minerals offer unique therapeutic healing. These therapeutic values act to cleanse the skin from within and tone it. On application of Dead Sea mud soap, the skin restores its natural pH (potential of Hydrogen).

People who use Dead Sea mud soap acquire a younger skin and clearer complexion, which is not possible in case of ordinary soaps. This soap containing natural ingredients protects the skin from rashes, itching and potential dangers of sunlight. Dead Sea mud soap makes the skin appear fresh by restoring its natural moisture and works on eliminating excessive oils from the skin, leaving it soft and tender, silky and revitalized. It keeps the skin glowing as never before.

Another benefit of Dead Sea mud soap is that, it is suitable for people of all ages and addresses all skin types. Trying this soap, people with oily skin and multiple skin disorders can see the changes for themselves. The soap relieves skin itching and irritation that occur due to environmental hazards. Doctors recommend this soap for daily use. Visit the-magic-dead-sea


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