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Dennis Bartram The Journey Towards Tensegrity Part A

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Author: Phillip Skinner

Dennis Bartram - The Journey Towards Tensegrity

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I have been practising physical therapies since 1969 when I became qualified in Swedish Remedial massage. In 1974 after adding the skills of Osteopathy, I opened a clinic and began my career in physical medicine.


During the next ten years, I attended many seminars on Osteopathic and Chiropractic techniques. Some research was proving that the standard thrust manipulative techniques of Osteopathy were not necessary. This approach fascinated me, as it was a less forceful approach but also seemed kinder to the body. These less forceful approaches utilised body positioning and the tensity of the tissue to facilitate the correction.


One of the most eminent researches studied and utilised Eastern methods of therapy and from their theories developed new physical techniques to match the criteria. Dr George Goodheart developed from Chinese Meridian Theory a series of muscle tests that correlated with the diagnostic method of pulse diagnosis used in Acupuncture. Collected pages of Dr. G. Goodheart. Acupuncture and the knowledge of the meridian system are thousands of years old. Applied Kinesiology is one of the very few systems that has added new information to the ancient knowledge. Walther, D.S. (preface) Applied Kinesiology.


These muscle tests soon became a reliable and empirical backdrop to understanding the links between Eastern and Western methodology. With muscle tests, he demonstrated the effectiveness of a technique and a reliable form of diagnosis and post checking. Even the Swedish massage that I initially practised was developed by a Swedish doctor Peter Ling from a Chinese backdrop. This sparked for me an interest in Eastern methods of therapy and lifestyle.


My other interest in the East had also begun in 1970 when I began studying Japanese Karate. After studying for fifteen years, I discovered many of the Japanese masters were also doctors of Japanese medicine.


In 1985, I began my study of an ancient form of Japanese warrior principles. The Grandmaster of this school was a Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi and was the holder of ancient Dennis Bartram - The Journey Towards Tensegrity scrolls of nine schools of martial arts and a school of ancient medicine. His daytime occupation was a Seitai practitioner, which translates to a Japanese form of Osteopathy.

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