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Dennis Bartram - The Journey Towards Tensegrity Part D

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Author: Dennis Bartram


Dennis Bartram - The Journey Towards Tensegrity

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"The relationship between the biosphere and Gaia is like that between your body and you. The biosphere is the three dimensional geographic region where living organisms exist. Gaia is the super organism composed of all life tightly coupled with the air, the oceans and the surface locks". Lovelock. J, GAIA New Look at life on Earth, preface PX1. "The continuity or global interconnectedness of the living matrix is essential to the understanding of the body and the role of energetics in health and disease." Oschman. J, Energy Medicine (p232)


The underpinning of my new research was based on the following principles. It had to be natural, it was a feeling that came from the heart and was delivered through the fingers, it was produced in the spine and delivered through our walk. Every time he taught a technique, he would explain these principles. "Its all in your walk, you must find it in nature, it must come from your heart and if you don't understand Gairon, then you can't continue".


The simplistic but mechanistic way in which he observed and then treated a condition was impressive but frustrating. My early attempts to mimic his technique were based on heavy pressure, which soon had my clients complaining. When I lightened up, I could not get the tissue to respond. This frustration led me to study many approaches to pressing into tissue from Shiatsu, different kinds of massage, Rolfing and other physical modalities. Nothing had the effect of Dr. Hatsumi's touch on tissue.


"The spirit and feeling of a technique are more important than the mechanical ways to achieve it." Hatsumi personal discussion, 1995.My main area of research in studying this man's natural movement principles and medicine were bipedal locomotion and our vertical competence against gravity. The main reason for this was that Dr. Hatsumi explained that human beings are the only creatures that need to be taught to move naturally. Dr M. Hatsumi (1995) "Thus the neurodevelopmental stages of crawling, creeping, crude walking and mature walking through which normal children develop, is directly related to the amphibian, reptilian and mammalian evolutionary ancestors. Novella, S MD (p1).



As we move naturally, we move energy around our body and integrate the left and right hemispheres of the brain. My own personal experience of overcoming dyslexia was through a programme of cross crawl repatterning designed by two doctors called Doman and Delacato. They discovered that babies that do not crawl evolve from an early programming of homo-lateral movement to walking and skip the cross crawl development. This leads to a desynchronised brain pattern that can give rise to dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia.

Journey Towards Tensegrity



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