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Author: Dennis Bartram


My main purpose starting this Video Blog is to show all how my Flexi-Bar training techniques are designed to be Memed into your every day work rest and play; if you are interested in training by maintaining your body's agility towards wellbeing well into your 50s plus


Here's what you need to do to participate or to Mime what you are about to see in this selection of my videos BUT FIRST? you need a Flexi-Bar Preferably purchased from my authority website because I've made it really simply for your benefit big time after you have made a Flexi-Bar  purchase you will soon be the proud owner within 24 hours delivery usually if all goes accordingly.


 Then once you have a genuine Flexi-Bar in your possession view the 2 videos that come with this special Flexi-Bar Pro with 2 Free Videos offer ... Simply check out my website for more how to information after following my introduction above






Effective Portable Vibration Training 
Whether you use it for strength and endurance training, or for specific

rehabilitation purposes, the FLEXI-BAR® is unbeatable for its effectiveness.

Everyone, from athletes to the elderly can use the FLEXI-BAR® to

achieve their desired results. Whether you are recovering from an

injury, training for a performance sport, or just interested in

improving your fitness, then the FLEXI-BAR® is for you.

Because FLEXI-BAR® utilises vibration training to work the deep muscles of the core (muscles that attach to the spine) you can expect to feel dramatic results, FAST!
What is Vibration Training?
The concept of vibration training has been around for more than 40

years. It was originally developed by Russian scientists as part of their space program to help their cosmonauts maintain their physical condition. In particular their aim was to reduce loss of muscle mass and maintain bone density. The most common vibration training devices come in the form of large expensive machines. However with its recent popularity, more and more types of vibrating equipment are now available - some better than others. Other items include vibrating dumbbells, breathing machines and handheld devices such as the FLEXI-BAR®.

There is some uncertainty about the precise magnitude that vibration training has on the body however there is no doubt that there is a significant physiological effect. Vibration training is known to recruit up to 100% of muscle fibres in each contraction. Standard

training recruits 40%-60%. This is because of the almost continuous

stretch/reflex contractions ( see below) that are happening within the

muscles. With the muscles contracting at such high frequencies, almost everything is stimulated faster and more effectively.

Muscular blood flow is improved, which can speed up recovery from workouts and injuries. Increased blood flow restores nutrients to muscles cells as well as removing any toxic waste and damaged tissue.

Vibration training will cut your workout time in half, so you will

never be tempted to "cut short" your workout time - now there is no

need to. If you are training with a piece of equipment that vibrates, providing it is good quality, you can expect fast & effective results. Vibration training is a revolution in the fitness world and will transform your daily workouts.
How does the FLEXI-BAR® work? 
FLEXI-BAR® works all of the muscles of the entire body. The action of 
shaking the FLEXI-BAR® causes a vibration to be passed through the body. This vibration pushes, or stretches the muscles out of their natural alignment. This misalignment sends an automatic message to the brain, via the nervous system, that the muscles have been stretched. The brain sends a message back to the stretched muscles to "contract" or shorten, in an effort to bring them back to their "centre", or state of equilibrium.


This type of contraction is known as a "Stretch Reflex Contraction" and is a form of contraction that we physically cannot control or create. It is created by an outside force - such as using a FLEXI-BAR®. These types of contractions use up to 100% of muscle fibre, compared to 40-60% recruitment of traditional training techniques.
Why Choose FLEXI-BAR®? 
FLEXI-BAR® is the most effective handheld vibration training device
available on the market today. It is one of the only hand held devices that is designed to vibrate at the same frequency that our bodies vibrate at ( yes, our bodies vibrate constantly! ) FLEXI-BAR® harnesses the effects of vibration training at a fraction of

the cost of larger machines. Whatever your goal might be, whatever your level of fitness and whatever your age - FLEXI-BAR is for you.

You can workout your entire body, from head to toe with FLEXI-BAR. You can sculpt your muscles, tone your wobbly bits OR train to improve your performance in sport. What makes the FLEXI-BAR® so effective is the involuntary contractions that occur 270 times per minute. Just imagine how much more muscle fibre is being used with every exercise you perform.FLEXI-BAR is also very safe to use.

 It is impossible to swing when you are tired, or when your muscles are fatigued. If your muscles have had enough, your FLEXI-BAR simply will not swing. You can keep it in the car, at the office, in your bedroom or your laundry ! It uses very little storage space and can travel with you wherever you go! 
FLEXI-BAR Training Recomendations 
We reccommend training with the FLEXI-BAR for 10-15 mins, 2-3 times per
week. This is half the recommended workout time of most training techniques and is due to the massive increase in muscles fibres activated whilst swinging the FLEXI-BAR.  Regular use of FLEXI-BAR has been shown to:

relieve muscular tightness in the neck,

back and hips
help shoulder injuries
help with problems of the joints (arthritis)
enhance sports performance
increase muscular strength and endurance
improve tone of muscles
improve your posture
Aid in postnatal recovery 
FLEXI-BAR Indications 
FLEXI-BAR is beneficial for everybody in every stage of their lives.

We recommend FLEXI-BAR training for:

Ageing Populations
Inactive and Unfit or immobile Groups
Pre & Post Natal Clients
Sports Specific Training
Injury Prevention
Injury Rehabilitation 
The FLEXI-BAR® Contraindications 
Due to the significant increase in blood flow that the muscles receive

in response to the vibrations FLEXI-BAR is not recommended for anyone suffering from any type of ACUTE injury. An acute injury is any type of injury that is new and inflamed. If you are suffering from any type of CHRONIC injury, generally FLEXI-BAR will have a positive effect. However, please don't use the FLEXI-BAR if your chronic injury is inflamed or acutely painful.

DO NOT USE THE FLEXI-BAR in the following situations:

Acute Rheumatoid Arthritis in the inflammation stage
Acute injuries e.g whiplash
Acute Infections/Swelling
Acute Back pain
3rd Trimester Pregnancy
After a recent Operation
Cardiovascular Disorders 

We recommend that anyone embarking on a new fitness regime get the OK

from their GP.
The FLEXI-BAR® for Sports Training 
World class athletes use FLEXI-BAR as part of their sports specific

training to increase proprioception, reaction times, core strength and

balance. Athletes training with the FLEXI-BAR® develop an efficiency and stability that is impossible to replicate with traditional forms of training. This results in faster lap times, better technique, stronger muscles and less down time from injury. Sports teams and organizations currently training with the FLEXI-BAR


British Olympic Ski Team
The British Ministry of Defence
British Fire Services
Newcastle United Football
FC Bayern Munich
German National Football Team
German Olympic Winter Sport Team
German Ski Association at the Olympic Centre in Garmish
Austrian Ski Association
Dutch National Baseball Team
World Champion in Kung Fu - Xena Bottcher
Olympic Gold Medal Winner - Wrestling: Alexander Leipold 
FLEXI-BAR® for Injury Rehabilitation 
Most of us have suffered an injury at some stage of our lives. Some

injuries are sports related, however a lot of injuries result from

accidents or our sedentary lifestyles. Whatever the cause of your

injury, if it is muscular, the FLEXI-BAR will help. When you have an

injury, muscles that surround the area begin to guard. Muscle guarding is a defensive mechanism that results in a mild to severe spasm.

Muscular spasms, or stiffness, are designed to restrict movement around the injured area so no further damage can occur. If left untreated, weaknesses in the muscles develop simply because

they are not being used. Regular use of the FLEXI-BAR addresses these problems by improving blood supply to the area, increasing muscular  strength and reducing muscular imbalances. 
FLEXI-BAR® for General Fitness 
FLEXI-BAR can be used to supplement any type of workout or fitness
regime, ranging from serious fitness enthusiasts to beginners. Whether  you are using FLEXI-BAR for a whole body workout, an abs workout, or even a Pilates workout, its applications are endless. You can use your  FLEXI-BAR for the last 10 mins of your abdominal workouts, or at the beginning of your workout to warm-up your muscles. Take it to the office and keep it by your desk to relieve tension in your shoulders that can accumulate from hunching over your computer. Keep one in the boot of your car and use it to relieve stiff muscles that can result from long hours spent driving. You can also take your FLEXI-BAR to the gym and use it overload your muscles during your weights workout. Whatever your fitness goals might be FLEXI-BAR can help you achieve them.

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