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Design a State of the Art Home Gym or Personal Trainer Facility For Less

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Author: C Beard

When you think about designing a home gym, apartment gym or personal trainer facility that fits the end users fitness goals, do you initially think about possibly a couple pieces of cardio or multi-gym that works all your body parts equally? Maybe you are a serious trainer or a personal trainer who trains clients from your home gym or small commercial facility. If that is the case You may need some quality commercial gym equipment over the typical retailer options. When designing a high end home gym or small training facility you should spend some time reviewing options for flooring. Gym floors come in so many affordable options such as: carpet squares or rubber tiles that fit together like engineered wood and laminate floors. These days they even have rubber tiles that look like wood. This can be an affordable, practical and contemporary design element for a smaller gym.

The space can be very important, as you want to be sure to have enough walk space and ventilation. Special care should be taken to insure that you do not overcrowd the gym with to much equipment. There are so many options these days in regards to equipment choices and budget that you can find something that works for you and your chosen space. For small spaces choose a multi-stack gym and a few pieces of cardio. Multi- Gyms come in a variety of foot print dimensions from 2- stack to 4 stacks and allow up to two people to train on the equipment at one time. If you have a little more space you can choose a combination of free weights and a circuit like the Paramount FS Fitness Line that provides 15 exercise movements with only a 7-piece circuit allowing you to train more body parts and benefit from more exercises with less equipment. Your budget allocation for equipment can play a big roll in equipment choices, as all equipment is not created equally. Choice options in equipment go from home gym, to light commercial; to a full commercial line which is more likely to be found in large commercial facility's.

For the purposes of a high-end home gym or personal trainer facility light commercial or even refurbished commercial gym equipment can be a good choice. Used fitness equipment typically sells for 30-50% of its original cost and may only be a few years old. Next you will need to consider layout such as where the equipment will best fit the space, we suggest you utilize a company that offers a free AutoCAD design this can insure that your space and dimensions are being utilized in the best manner for the equipment and the end users. Additionally if you plan to add mirrors, and media such as stereos and or television that those items as well as the electrical sources are completely thought through for the design you have. As you can see when you start this process it may initially be to add some basic equipment but as you begin to review options there are many variables to consider to insure you have a enjoyable workout environment for you or your members.

Chris Beard is the web master for Athletic Concepts, Inc., which provides sales, service and installation of high-end quality commercial fitness equipment. Additionally we sell used fitness equipment and reconditioned fitness equipment at 30-40% of its original cost. To see our inventory visit us at


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