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Diabetic Diet Plan - What Type Of Food A Diabetic Can Eat

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Author: Murali V

A diabetic diet plan could be composed of mostly light meats, breads, fruits and vegetables. Since diabetics have problems with glucose levels, diabetics should definitely lay off sources of excess carbohydrates and sugar. Ordinary chocolate (such as slabs of the stuff) and rich cocoa drinks are a big no-no for diabetics. These foods are so high in sugar that they are actually used in emergency situations to revive people who have blood sugar levels below the ideal.

Basic food a diabetic can eat should be organically-based. What is the reason for this? Diabetics can only take so much synthetic food before their capillaries and kidneys start malfunctioning. Being a diabetic means the blood is more sluggish, and everything is threatened with the disease. Without proper treatment and the right kind of diet, a diabetic can go downhill fairly quickly.

Diabetic cookie recipes for one, offer the diabetic with a fairly tasty way to enjoy dessert minus the guilt and the fear that the sugar level in the blood, or the blood glucose level, would shoot up. The type of diabetic foods should include these kinds of food recipes, plus a healthy helping of the organic, raw stuff.

What are these organic, raw stuff? Since we have to take care of the diabetic's skin, eyes, nails, and internal organs, we have to feed him or her the whole "rainbow" of fruits and vegetables. Yellow foods are often good for the eyes and skin, while the deep red ones facilitates the filtration of waste products and improve the human circulatory system.

A diet plan for diabetics should be proportional always- because too little of anything can also cause problems for diabetics. The lowdown is this- a diabetic can no longer completely self-regulate levels of blood glucose. This means that diabetic can either have very high blood sugar or very low blood sugar. The picture changes depending on the condition of the diabetic and the situation at hand.

Foods to lower blood sugar include garlic, bitter gourd and anything that is deep green in color. Bitter herbs and vegetables generally counteract sugar and make the blood less sluggish. Couple this kind of diet with vitamin E, tocopherol, and you would be saving the diabetic a world of problems.

What other considerations should be taken when feeding a diabetic? Water should be a constant in any meal. Water helps facilitate the removal of wastes, and a diabetic with too little water means that the body will suffer, especially if the diabetic has high glucose levels.

The type of food a diabetic can eat should always be balanced- and the foods should be cooked minus sugars and oils. Some oils are high in saturated fat; that's what makes the oils a tasty additive to any meal. However, for now, saturated fat should be considered the number two enemy of diabetics, right next to sugary foods. The diabetic food diet should work if these facts are taken seriously.

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