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Diet Myths: Lose Your Stubborn Fat In No Time!

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Author: Marcelo

If you are looking to lose weight in the near future then you may find yourself a little confused. You may well be confused as to how you are not losing weight when you are being so good but you will be more confuse as a result of the vast amount of information that is available on the topic of losing your stubborn fat. There are so many so-called experts outlining what you should and should not be doing that it is easy to become overwhelmed by it all. However, if you believed everything you were told then you would never eat anything so here are a few of the myths and the truth behind them to help you out!

Myth #1

Carbs are bad for you - In fact, not eating carbohydrates can make you incredibly weak as a result of the very function they are supposed to serve. Carbs give you energy and thus can help you to lose weight via exercise. You should stick to eating everything in moderation instead of cutting one of the major food groups out of your diet.

Myth #2

All diet pills and supplements are bad - They most definitely are not. True, there are some supplements that do not work at all and others that can make you incredibly ill. However, if you choose one with all natural and all safe ingredients, like Belissima Sim, then you can get a welcome boost to help you lose weight.

Myth #3

The heavier you are, the fewer calories you should eat to lose weight - In fact, the exact opposite is true. The heavier you are, the more calories you should eat initially to kick start the weight loss process. Of course, you should cut your calories down to shift some excess pounds but if you are a size 18 then you will need to eat more calories than a size 8 when you want to lose weight. You will need more calories to begin burning fat and metabolising your food before cutting them down gradually.

Myth #4

You lose most of your weight within the first month of starting a diet - This is not the case because your body needs time to adjust to a lifestyle change and cannot be expected to begin burning excess fat within such a short period of time. Some people do experience significant weight loss during the first month but it should be a steady drop in weight in order to avoid the risk of sustaining significant damage.

Myth #5

You do not have to exercise if you go on a low calorie or low carbs diet - This is the worst myth of all because it gives people an excuse not to exercise but if you want to lose weight and keep it off then you absolutely must exercise. The ultimate goal in exercising is to tone you up and condition your body to keep the weight off. Eating less or eating healthier will not keep the weight off indefinitely. Furthermore, as you grow older the benefits of exercising surpass any weight goal as it helps keep your bones and muscles strong and in perfect shape thereby eliminating the chances for arthritis, rheumatism, weak hearth muscles and other health related issues.

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