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Diets Are No

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Author: Mary Leahy

Don't fall into that rut again. Do not make that resolution of taking control of your weight and join a gym or start that diet again, only knowing in your subconscious you will not succeed.

It's not because you don't want to lose weight but because these choices are not the correct path for you to follow. If in the past this path did not worked so why do you think it should now? The thing is you can go to the gym every day however, if you have not changed your eating habits from before, then all the hard work you do is for nothing.

In most cases it is our eating habits that have caused our weight problems from the beginning. We all know that certain foods are not good for us, however this does not mean we can never have these foods, it just means we should not eat these food everyday or on a regular basis. But because these foods, such as fast foods, ready made meals, pizzas and sauces are so much easier and convenient to get, we tend to take the easy route of picking them up rather than prepare a healthier meal.

We can eat anything we want within reason. It has everything to do with control and understanding. Our emotions also play a big part in our eating habits. For example, tired and just don't feel like preparing a meal, or in a hurry so easier to just grab something quick, will be healthier tomorrow and so on.

Many people obsess about food and what they eat; however, they really do not understand how the body uses food in order for it to work correctly.

Some may feel they are eating healthy but in reality they are not. It may not be what they are eating but how they are eating.

It could be the type, combination and amount of the foods being eaten at a time that is the problem.

The body requires a balanced diet in order to function properly. Just like anything if you overload your body then it just does not have the ability to function properly. We may not blow a fuse but eventually we will break down.

We have to understand what we are doing to our body and what we may be doing to our children. It's our eating habits and food intake that matters.

We have to take a step back and reassess what we are eating and correct our habits before it leads to health problems. Eventually problems with weight will lead to health problems. This does not only mean for over weight people but for people who are under weight.

Our body is a magnificent machine and it needs to be cared for properly. Abusing it will only lead to it letting you down in the future. We do not want to become dependent on medicines to survive, not being able to enjoy life. Enjoy walking in the park or enjoy seeing your children grow up because our health won't let us.

It is time to take action and get to know your body again.

Mary Leahy a registered nurse has many years experience living overseas working and observing various cultures and their eating habits. With the help of her partner developed Eating for a Healthier Lifestyle and Lose Weight Program &


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