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Diets Are Out

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Author: Mary Leahy

Throw out all the past ideas you have about diets. Trash all the gimmicks that claim you will lose weight without even trying. These will not help you they will only frustrate you.

Make this year the year you look at what is needed to get to the size you want.

Diets are old fashioned. Some diets can even be dangerous for certain people, as they restrict certain foods which could cause more harm than not. Also it is proven; we become more frustrated when we diet, which can lead to cheating or reaching for that comfort food.

We have all tried diets, some to no end. Sure, all the time we are following the diet we are losing or controlling our weight but as soon as we stop and go back to our old habits the weight just comes back. Well why is that?

The answer does not lie with the diet, the diet worked while you were following it. However, once you stopped, the weight comes back. Well, one reason could be that once you stop following a diet you start eating as you had previously. Or, maybe the diet you followed provided the food to eat, which were low in calories and properly weighed out for each meal, and then when you stop and start eating regular foods, you start to gain weight.

Then again you may be eating healthy but are you eating your food in the right combination? There are correct combinations to eat food so your body can use it properly. Do you understand what your body needs to maintain the size you want to be? It's not the amount of weight you lose but how to maintain that weight loss, which is the answer.

The new trend is not to diet but to understand what you are eating. Understand why some foods are necessary to maintain a healthy body and in what combination and amount to eat these foods. Also, how we physically eat our food. It is very important to actually slow down eating and chew the food properly. These are all contributing factors to our weight.

We also have to consider how we feel. When we are upset or angry do we reach for a candy bar to make us feel better? Do we eat foods we know are not good for us because we are upset? Or reach for a treat or snack even thought we are not hungry, just bored. Whatever the reason, what and when you eat is all controlled by how you feel. This is something we can not always control. However, if you know why you are doing this, it will be helpful. When you know and understand what your body needs, to lose and control its weight, you may think differently when you feel the need to reach for your comfort food. You may think again at which foods you want to reach for.

If you are finding your weight is a constant problem and it is always on your mind then you need to do something about it for yourself. Don't do this for anyone else; it is for you and you alone. However, once you know how to fuel your own body and control your own weight, then you can help your partner, family and friends, by introducing them to the correct food combinations, portions and times.

You owe it to yourself to make this year the year you are going to be happy with yourself.

Mary Leahy a registered nurse has many years experience living overseas working and observing various cultures and their eating habits. With the help of her partner developed Eating for a Healthier Lifestyle and Lose Weight Program &


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