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Does the Ab Wheel Really Work?

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Author: K. Purdenn

You may have seen this item in the TV infomercials or advertised over the web. The Ab Wheel, an exercise machine that promises to tighten and tone your abs in just minutes a day and it also promises that you will feel great and full of energy all over.

The advertisement of the Ab Wheel, much like other infomercials that you will see asking you to buy X product to have a mean six pack abs, starts with a man with an obvious beer belly struggling hard to lose his love handles through various exercises like sit ups and side crunches. Then he starts to use the Ab Wheel and voila, he gets a toned and tightened midsection.

But upon further inspection, you will see this new model not only has a tightened abdominal area, he also has ripped shoulders, a toned chest and muscular legs. Do you think the Ab Wheel did all these?

You are right in answering "no" to this question. Because a machine like the Ab Wheel, which targets a specific group of muscles only cannot make that once chubby man into a lean person good enough to become an exercise model. An abs specific machine does not give you any shoulder toning, chest toning and leg toning effects simply because it is beyond the machine's capability.

This mode most likely went through a total body workout program coupled by the correct and healthy way of eating. He did not have that perfect and awesome body JUST by using the Ab Wheel.

A program that will give you a total body exercise and at the same time give you a crash course in the very confusing world of nutrition is The Truth About Six Pack Abs. This e-book, created by the world renowned nutritionist and training guru Mike Geary, contains all the needed information for you to get that six pack abs you've always watched in the movies and at the same time, it will correct all your misconceptions about belly fat.

The e-book is the marriage of proper exercising of the entire body and a balanced nutrition. Initially it will give you an instructional manual to follow to help you learn the proper ways to exercise. None of those inefficient ones that will just tire you out but exercises specifically geared towards losing that beer gut. Then, the program will teach you the ropes about nutrition. It will strip you off of the wrong information you believed all this years that the media and food corporations have fed you. It will teach you how to eat properly and at the same time it will allow you to enjoy what you eat.

These are the actual things one needs in the pursuit of a perfect six pack abs. No abdominal machine like the Ab Wheel can make you have the tightened and toned tummy of an exercise model. Only Mike Geary's program, The Truth About Six Pack Abs can lead you to the proper direction to having that sexy tummy and lose weight overall, the safest and the healthiest way possible.

Want to turn your belly into abs plastic? Intense crunches, sit-ups, and ab exercises is NOT the answer! Come learn about the TRUTH to getting six pack abs. Get your FREE limited time e-course on how to get flat, firm, and sexy abs using our proven technique at


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